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curvy brunette speculum exam videos

27 Feb 2012

Emily knew she had to visit her gyn for her annual physical, but always found exuses not to go and sign up for an exam. finally she was there taking her clothes off anxiously and spreading her legs on the chair for the exam

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15 Feb 2012

The next thing that was said was that I would need to scoot my bottom down to the end of the table so I scooted a little as she walked around the table and pulled out the stirrups. I thought I had scooted down enough then she took hold of one of my legs and guided my heel into the stirrup then the other was done the same. I couldn’t believe I was getting into this position I held my knees together then she said now you need to scoot on down, I moved a little bit more and she said move down until you feel my hand. It seemed like it was a long way and my knees were getting higher in the air every inch I moved then finally I was there my knees still together as much as possible.

The doctor turned and picked up her gloves and snapped them on she then ask me to relax and let my knees fall apart, I did let them a little but not enough. She finally gently spread my knees as far as possible and then I started to silently cry I was so embarrassed she lifted up the sheet I felt the heat of a light that she moved close so she could see then she consoled me some and began the pap and pelvic. She touched my inner thigh and was telling me that everything was ok then she touched my outer labia and I nearly got off the table.

The doctor again consoled me and began the external exam it was terrible she was touching my labia then she separated my inner labia and touched my clitoral hood and my clitoris I was trying to just put it out of my mind.