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15 Jan 2012

“You have been a good patient and have passed the examination. I however understand that D and S Unlimited will want me to repeat the examination in another three months. That examination will include two enemas, a more thorough examination of your anus and several more booster injections. See my nurse on the way out to schedule that appointment please.”

“By the way Rebecca, I notice it’s time for your period, please bend over so that I can insert a Tampon inside of you.”

Doctor applied lubricant to my vagina (anus) then gently pushed the applicator deep into my tight orifice. A quick push on the plunger and the tampon was in place. “I think we will insert another one dear – please hold still.”

In an instant a second Tampon was firmly inserted. “Please leave them in place till you arrive home ( about two hours in my case ) then you can remove them.”

“Yes Doctor,” I replied.

pelvic muscles exam

09 Jan 2012

She came in and started to explain what she was going to do and I remember thinking to myself, just do it. She got some gloves out and some jell, the thing that puzzled me was she was she pulled out three gloves out quite deliberately she put on two and left the other on the side.

“Lovely,” she said and lifted the blanket right off me, she then tells me she is going to insert two fingers into my vagina and she will then ask my to work my muscles for her. She parts my labia with her left hand and gently puts her two fingers of her right hand into my vagina.

She eventually takes her fingers out and takes off one glove and puts on the one she left out at the start, she puts jell on one finger and then asks me to roll over onto my left side and pull my knees up to my chest.