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latina pulls down panties for vaginal exam

28 Dec 2011

A hot teenage latina is at the clinic for her annual gyno examination. Enjoy the flash videos.

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ebony gyno exam videos

27 Dec 2011

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Playing gyno doctor

22 Dec 2011

The patient, reporting age 34, 5’5″ and a firm 150 athletic pounds showed up at my room on time, wearing a nice T-shirt, running shorts, white socks, and tennis shoes. She wanted to experience a standard examination, however, she was curious about feelings that she had during previous GYN appointments where she had experienced orgasm during the vago-rectal examination. So, I conducted a standard examination, keeping the patient draped throughout the examination, but noting that she had worn the required plain white bra and plain white panties. When her temperature was taken rectally, I noted that she became quite moist between her legs.

No lubrication was required for insertion of the speculum nor the digital pelvic examination with either one or two fingers. As a matter of course, lubrication was used for the vago-rectal examination. It was during this examination that I discovered an arousing sensitivity along the left side of her vagina while moving a finger in and out of her rectum and stimulating her clitoris with my thumb; however, only a mild orgasm was experienced. Getting her to turn over on her knees and raise her buttocks, I performed a full digital rectal examination—noting no impaction and only slight fecal matter. Due to time constraints, I elected to forego administration of a Fleet enema, and proceed with administering two quarts using the standard enema nozzle (the patient had been curious about enemas and had previously tried to administer one to herself…

not having a very pleasant experience). Hot water was being prepared, therefore, only tepid water was available. The enema was administered with the patient first lying on her left side, followed by the patient lying on her back with her legs spread and knees raised. She was able to take the entire two quarts and retain it for several minutes. Following her discharge, examination of the rectum was performed using the anoscope and a digital rectal examination (using one and two fingers).

During this examination, a finger was also inserted in the patient’s vagina wherein she became aroused to the extent that she was contracting her pelvic muscles and gyrating on my fingers. She was experiencing the feeling that she had previously described and through this stimulation experienced the orgasm to the level that she was seeking.