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31 Oct 2011

Then the snap of latex gloves before his head vanished between my legs. The nurse then left the room. He warned me before he touched me and placed his hand on my thigh before spreading my vagina apart. I could feel his stare has he inspected every inch of of my vagina. He turned to the tray beside him and picked up a long cotton swab and swabbed down the length of my vagina. This swab was placed in a tube containing a gel like substance. He then turned for a tube of K.Y and squirted some on his gloved fingers.

His fingers exited and he turned to pick up a large clear plastic speculum. This was soon lubed also and the duckbill like end sitting at the opening to my vagina. He reassured me that he would be gentle and that only minor discomfort would be felt. I felt the speculum enter the vagina and with a twist of the hand it was in place. I then felt the blades being opened, they were stretching me open and I felt like I would tear until I heard them lock into place. His head turned towards the tray and I saw him pick up a little brush like devise. This then entered the large opening the speculum had made, I then felt a quick cramp as he scraped some of the cells from the cervix. He removed the brush and smeared it on the glass slide. He took a small pen light from his pocket and shone the light to take a visual inspection of the cervix. The speculum was released and taken from my now stretched vagina.

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16 Oct 2011

Out of the corner of my eye, I watched as the nurse walked over to the sink, removed the thermometer with the red tip from its holder and rinsed it off under some running water.  She then pulled a tube of lubricant out of a drawer and squeezed some out onto the silver, pear-shaped tip of the rectal thermometer.  With the thermometer ready in her right hand she walked over and using the thumb and forefinger of her left hand, separated my butt cheeks by spreading her thumb and finger wider apart.  Once the entrance to my rectum was stretched open, she slowly inserted the thermometer about three inches into my rectum, removed her thumb and finger and let my cheeks close in around the thermometer.  I remember looking into a mirror, which was hanging on the wall across the room and seeing the red tip of the thermometer sticking out of my butt.  The sensation of the cold, wet, lubricated thermometer being slid up into my warm anal passage sent shivers up my spine.  The nurse then adjusted her position so that she was standing over me with her left hand was resting on the small of my back and her right hand resting firmly on my butt with the thermometer being held in place like a cigarette between her middle and forefinger, a position she held for a full three minutes.  During that time, I lost the sensation of the cold thermometer as it warmed up inside of me, but the feeling of something there still remained as I tightened and loosened my butt up around the thermometer.

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07 Oct 2011

They removed the hose from the faucet, then placed that end of it into the tub, and put something in the tub to weigh down the end of the hose so it would stay put.  The other end of the host had a connector, which was then attached to a smooth, flexible rubber tube, about four feet long and a little more than a half inch thick.  The end of this tube had two eyelet’s.  Nurse Wills took some time to grease the whole length of the tube liberally with Vaseline, and rammed a large glob of the same into my somewhat sore ass.  She was quite thorough in rubbing the lubricant into me with her fingers, which she pushed in and out and twisted around repeatedly.  When I was packed like a wheel bearing, she was ready to begin.

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