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05 Aug 2011

She wiggled her buttocks around some to get comfortable, only a mere 4 feet from my eyes. The father reached into a first-aid box, which was setting next to him on the seat, and pulled out a thermometer case. He unscrewed the top and pulled out the glass instrument, the silver tip shining in the bright sunlight. It was a stubby bulb. He reached down with his left hand and gracefully managed to pull her bathing suit away on one side of her buttocks. With the material out of the way, he went back with his hand to pry her buttocks apart, and into clear view, her anal opening came. It was glistening and wet. No sooner did he have his target, the thermometer tip was positioned and lowered deep into her rectum. She seemed surprised by the feeling as I watched her buttocks tighten firmly around the invading stem.

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60 seconds passed, and he pulled the thermometer out as quickly as it had gone in. He patted his daughter’s buttocks once or twice and replaced the bathing suit over the once exposed buttock. She was quick to slide off his lap. I felt awkward at that moment and reached over to slam my door shut, deliberately and loudly, hopefully to imply to them that I have just got in! They both got out and went up to the front seat, not even noticing me behind them, and drove off.

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