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08 Aug 2011

She reached down and spread her cheeks wide apart.  I placed the tip of the instrument against her asshole, and with the sufficient lubrication that I had applied, it slid inside.  I pulled the plunger out and looked  inside of her asshole. chubby gyno Then I stuck my index finger inside the dilator, beyond its depth, to manipulate her asshole.  I looked up at her pussy and she was very wet.  I
removed the dilator and again inserted my middle finger into her asshole while sliding my index finger into her pussy.  I resumed rubbing her clit and finger fucking her.  “Rub your tits”, I said.  She immediately began to rub her tits and stroke her belly.  Her hips were gyrating on the table, she was pushing down against the stirrups, and I could feel her muscles contracting on my fingers in her pussy and asshole.  She was cumming big time!  This continued for what seemed like and eternity, and then her whole body went limp.  I removed my fingers from her pussy and asshole and she lay on the table, her legs still in the stirrups, her hands at her side.  “You are quite a hot little thing aren’t you?”, I questioned.  No response.  Her face was flushed, she was
perspiring, her breathing was intense.

I looked at her lying on the table after her orgasm, and then my eye caught something above the examining table – a thermometer standing upright in its case.  Maybe I should take her temperature just to see what it is…

As I was reaching for the thermometer, her eyes opened and saw what I was doing.  Before I knew what was happening, she had removed her legs from the   stirrups and turned over on her stomach.  “This is the position the doctor uses”, she said.  What a nice ass she had.  I looked at the thermometer and noticed that it had a stubby bulb; a rectal thermometer.

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