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20 Aug 2011
doctor greets his patient

Dr Jones gently touched Silvia’s vulva, parted the hair and examined the outside lips. He ran his fingers along the lips, first the left side, then the right. Then he opened her inner lips, and examined the outside of her vagina and then up to her clitoris, which was just visible beneath it’s hood. Silvia was very sensitive, and felt every movement of his fingers. She couldn’t help being a little sticky down below, and Dr Jones wiped some of her female juices away with a small tissue. He noticed that her opening was small.

Then he took a small speculum and inserted it carefully. He had decided against any lubricant jelly, as she obviously was slippery enough. He gently stretched her tight opening and put two fingers just inside, and inserted the device between them, twisting it into position. After examining her using a torch, and taking a swab,

Dr Jones removed the speculum. He told Susan that he would now feel inside her, and again put two fingers in her newly-stretched vagina and pressed up as he felt the outside of her abdomen. He co

uldn’t help but notice her nipples, which now were hard and erect. Silvia truly was a lovely-looking girl.

Then, to Silvia’s shock, he inserted a finger into her rectum at the same time as his other fingers were in her vagina, pressing between the two. Silvia felt stretched and prodded beyond anything she had imagined.

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