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Gyno lesbian nurse speculum play

29 Jul 2011

lewd lesbiansAfter gloving and lubing the speculum she inserted it in her pussy, stretching it wider than one could imagine. I was watching on as she picked up a long silver tube a half inch in diameter and lubed it up.

Standing back watching him and the nurse work on Melana again was causing me to get hard for the second time. As she lay there helpless and wide open the Dr. inserted the tool in her and started to put it up her tiny little pee hole.

Melana screamed in agonizing pain as the Dr. tried to insert this large tool into a hole the size of a garden pea.

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25 Jul 2011

He took a moment to cover her with the gown, and then removed the gloves. He wrinkled his nose. “I hate the smell of latex. I really do!” He said aloud. “Then get some polypropylene ones, doc. They don’t have an odor.” “How do you know about polypropylene exam gloves, Sarge?” “I used to do AIDS/HIV education outreach in the lesbian community teaching safer sex practices” “I’m impressed.” (“That explains your sophistication, sergeant…”) “Don’t be.

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It was easy work, and I learned lots myself. Made sure that The Project provided latex dental dams and gloves along with condoms. Also found out that not all women can handle latex, so I found a source of the polypropylene gloves, and worked out a way to cut them open to use as oral sex dams.” “You are resourceful, aren’t you?’ (“How are you with kitchen implements?”) “I try to be. Can I sit up now?” Oh, yes, I’m sorry.” He grasped her heels and guided her feet out of the stirrups, and then out and down. He stepped to her side, and lifted her by the shoulder blades with the flat of his hand. “Thank you.” “You may get dressed now.” He turned to his assistant nurse. “Maggie, I’m finished with your superlative services. Sgt. Totten and I will have our conference once she is dressed. You may take the rest of the day for yourself.” Maggie, a woman of indeterminate age, thanked the doctor, and did a quick clean up. The doctor jotted a note to “get poly gloves, latex dams”. They both left the room.

Edith sat on the edge of the table, and hoped that she had been officious enough at the end. He had aroused her so much that she was aching. Quickly, she laid back, and deftly stroked her clit. It was hard, and a bit dry. She dipped into her nether mouth and withdrew some of her own juices mingled with KY. Quickly she circled her clit, felt it swell upward, and then dipped again. Two more dips, two more circles, and she came, silently, her mouth clamped shut so the he would not hear in the next room.

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10 Jul 2011

I moved forward and started working on Ann; my hands trembled with nerves as the professor watched over my shoulder, as did the rest of the group of intruders. Suzy was next, as we only examined one breast per girl, to speed up the process. If looks could kill Suzy would have killed me, ten times over, as I rolled her large nipple in my fingers.

I moved down the line quickly and then even more so, after Toni and my grading stopped. I wasn’t surprised that most of the girls flashed me evil smiles, or mean scowls, as I made my way around. I looked back and I noticed Ann was on my heals, followed by the rest of the girls, but it wasn’t until I got to the end of the line of girls, that I realized that all of the girls would now get their chance to examine me.

“After you finish with Fran you can leave,” I heard the professor say from the front, as I was now right next to the open back door.

John and Steven came down to the back and stood right in front of me and watched with smiles, as Ann started feeling my left breast. Ann finished quickly and Suzy moved in, Suzy however was anything but quick. She didn’t even pretend to “examine” my breast, she just began fondling me, and with Steven and John blocking the view of the group up front, she was pulling on my nipples like she was trying to pull them off. My eyes began to water up from the pain, but also from the realization of just how much my plan, from the other day, had backfired. Finally Suzy finished by rubbing her own large nipples into mine, which the guy’s really seemed to enjoy.

Finally Suzy left, but I still had seventeen more girls to go. After a couple more girls passed, I saw Amanda approach me with an evil smile on her lips, as rough as Suzy was with me it was nothing compared to Amanda. She looked back and made sure the group up front was occupied, they seemed to be in a heated discussion, probably about the budget.

Amanda quickly grabbed at my erect nipples, she licked her lips, as bent down and put my left nipple in her mouth, slowly sucking it at first, and then she bit down. I let out a yelp from the pain, as she quickly stood up and wiped away her saliva from my assaulted nipple, as she left.

The rest of the girls filed past quickly, most of them where probably in a rush to cover up and get out of there, but there was this one girl who had odd shaped breasts and had a particular rough time holding in her emotions, as he face was covered with black mascara, brought down from her streaming tears.

When she stood in front of me, she kissed me on the lips, which caught me by surprise, and then she spent some time playing with my breasts. She grabbed them by the nipples and pulled them around in different directions, letting them go, laughing as the bounced lewdly back into place. My eyes were glazed over, so I couldn’t really see anymore.

Then she reached under my skirt and trusted her hand in my panties and roughly fingered my embarrassingly wet pussy. I tried to stop her actions with words at first, as I pleaded with her to stop, but I finally had to physically pull her fingers out of my pussy.


If that wasn’t bad enough, she then went over to John and put her fingers up to his lips, and my stomach turned as he sucked my juices off her fingers.