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24 Jun 2011

Who could ever suspect Natalie would get into such an embarrassing situation. She needed to undergo her regular physical because she needed medical exam list for her new job and she was not gonna miss such an opportunity. She was given three days to come with the medical. Unfortunately, the clinic was full. Seemed like all the girls in town needed their physical today. Natalie was not going to give up her intentions.


But boy was she surprised and embarrassed when she saw two more nude chicks on entering the examination room. What a confusing experience! All three of them went thru weight check, breast examination and almost simultaneous gyno speculum examination.

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gyno rectal examination

22 Jun 2011

My hubby returned a while later looked much more relieved and relaxed than he had all night. He honestly admitted that despite the discomfort he had experienced, the enemas had produced the best dump he had taken in a few weeks. The doc had him get back on the exam table and once more proceeded to place his feet in the stirrups. He explained to hubby that the rectal exam should be very easy for my hubby to get through. Doc took out the smaller anal speculum, lubed it up and slipped up his rump. I saw hubby’s dick start to grow hard again. He let out a moan as doc opened the speculum and hubby’s ass stretched wide. I couldn’t tell if it was a hurt kind of moan or a moan of pleasure. Doc then slipped a gloved finger up hubby’s wide open ass and proceeded to twist and turn his finger. Another finger entered and my hubby’s half erect cock turned into a full pulsating boner. The doc added a third finger and hubby let out another moan. This one, I could tell was pleasure. The doc explained that he was doing the prostrate exam. I decided that this was the time to ask a question I had been dying to find out. When I had slipped a finger in my hubby’s ass as I sucked him off, I wondered where the prostrate actually was. I had read that men
have great orgasms when stimulated this way. The doc handed me a glove and told me to jump on in. There was no better time to find the mystery I had been hunting for. Hubby was after all opened wide and I would find it much easier.
I slipped a K-Y’d finger in hubby’s now loose butt hole. He moaned and bucked his pelvis up to greet my hand. The doc patiently directed me in the direction of the gland by actually taking my hand in his and moving it. After a few tries my hubby gave a a very loud moan. gyno exam pic
It was pure pleasure in his voice this time. I couldn’t help but grab onto his rod with my other hand and lower my mouth to his cock. Doc stepped back and let me do my thing. He made on request that I not let hubby cum in my mouth. Instead this is when he would obtain the specimen he needed. I lapped at hubby’s beautiful tool and pushed it down my throat. Then simultaneously I bobbed on his cock with my mouth as I fingered his prostrate gently. Hubby’s moans and cries of love filled the room. The doc grabbed the specimen cup and stood close by me, waiting for the blissful moment. I suddenly
pulled my fingers out of hubby’s ass and  then stuck in two, then three. gyno tushy His dick thrust frantically in and out of my mouth. Then I applied direct pressure right on hubby’s newly found button and pressed firmly. He gasped and I felt his cock quiver. Jerking my head back with fingers still in his ass I turned to the doc and grabbed the specimen jar. Hubby’s dick glistened with pre-cum. I gave his gland a few more thrusts with my fingers and placed the cup and the end of his cock. Large spurts of hot creamy colored semen shot out of it’s head and into the cup . As I milked the last drop from the head of hubby’s cock , he gave one last shudder and closed his eyes. He told me what he had felt was beyond description and that he actually saw stars. The doc asked me how I was feeling and I admitted I couldn’t stand the ache in my pussy anymore. I needed some relief.

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17 Jun 2011

When she was in position, I informed her that I was going to slip her panties all the way down so I would have free access to her bottom. I told her to left her hips slightly, whereupon I was able to slide them down and all the way off. I raised the stirrups and placed her feet so that her legs were bent upward at the knees, then rotated the arms outward which had the effect of spreading her legs wide apart, and rotating her feet to the sides in the shape of a V. I could tell by her expression that this was a bit uncomfortable, and quite embarrassing.

“OK, Meghan, open your mouth so I can place this thermometer under your tongue. Now, keep your mouth closed – don’t breathe through your mouth or talk,” I instructed.
I then reached over to the other end of the table and retrieved the rectal thermometer, lubricant and Kleenex. “I’m going to spread your cheeks and apply some lubricant to your anus now. It’s going to feel cold, but it’s necessary to allow the thermometer to slip in easily. I don’t want you to move at all while I’m taking your temperature, do you understand? If you squirm around and it works itself out, we’ll have to start all over,” I said. She nodded that she understood.

With Ginny supervising, I placed a dollop of gel on my forefinger, and in one quick motion spread her taut buttocks apart and began applying the lubricant first in a circular motion around the perimeter of her anal opening, then gradually working my finger inside. After several rotations, I withdrew my finger, wiped it clean, and inserted the rectal thermometer.

Meghan clenched her ass muscles just as the cool glass slipped past her anal ring. I heard her inhale slightly, but she obediently didn’t move or make any protest. I stood back to take in the view of this pretty young girl lying on her stomach with thermometers sticking out of either end.