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nude pussy palpation and speculum exam

29 Apr 2011

Sarah is a strip dancer and is very proud of her popularity with the club frequenters. She often doesn’t mind going closer with them and has dates at least three times a week. She loves champagne and that’s why often the dates end up in motels. Sarah is health conscious that’s why she frequents the local gyno clinic for monthly checkup.

She got to know doctor James very well and enjoys the way he conducts the exam. He carefully palpates her abdomen and her breasts

Then he puts on the gloves and inserts two fingers into her shaved pussy and thoroughly fingers her vagina and cervix.

And in the end he lubricates her insides and inserts a gyno speculum  and inspects the color of her vagina

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blonde humiliating gyno examination

18 Apr 2011

My blonde cousin has recently been to et another gyno exam. I always pity those girls – they have to visit the doc at least twice a year even if everything is fine.

Annie told me it is ssooo humiliating to sit there with your legs spread wide and your pussy in full view of the doctor and the nurse and whoever wants to open the door. nothing for a shy girl she is to be enjoyed.

The doctor pinches your nipples, squeeses your boobs, digs deep in your vagina and to top it all thrusts a finger up your rectum.

Arrgh.. who would like it? not me.. It doesn’t mean I’ll mind watching, not at all, show it to me 😉