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spying on injection during examination

31 Mar 2011

I spy on doctor exam a women

My first encounter with seeing a young woman being examined was when I was a
teenager working for my uncle one summer. I use to fix appliances such
as refrigerators and washers. One day I got a service call to fix a
refrigerator for a doctor at his home. I got to the large two story home
and was ushered in by this very old man who turned out was a retired
doctor. As we walked through his house I notice an exam room filled with
very old medical furniture and equipment. He told me saw a few patients
from time to time.


As I was working on the refrigerator, the bell rang and the doctor
answered. In walked very attractive women about thirty or so. The doctor
walked her to that exam room I passed. He guided her into the room and
left the door almost fully open.

She walked up to the table and removed her top, skirt then her slip.


She then removed her bra exposing her bountiful breasts. Then she put her slip
back on over her almost naked body. She sat on the table for awhile
waiting for the doctor. The doctor walked in front of her and began
talking with her.

I was hidden by the fridge but could see all. I guess he forgot I was
there and left the door open. He took her temp and looked in her mouth
and ears. Then he opened this glass and wood cabinet and took this old
fashioned stethoscope with brown tubing and a big bell and put it on.

He then placed it on her back and she began to take deep breaths as he
moved the stethoscope around her back.


She then lowered her slip to her waist exposing her chest again.

I could see her naked from the waist up sitting on the exam table. Her
breasts were full and round, her chest heaving up and down as she
breathed. The doctor probed her chest with the stethoscope as she took
deep breaths; he pushed the stethoscope into the top of her left breast
and I watch her chest rise and fall; then he lifted her left breast
slightly to get under it and listened. She then lay down and he tapped
on her chest; listened with the stethoscope again.

Then he examined her abdomen with his hands


and used the stethoscope to
listen. After probing her abdomen he walked away as this beautiful woman
stood up and slid slip up over her rear end and slid her panties down
exposing her gorgeous rear end;


she turned around and bent over the exam
table. The doctor came back into view with a needle.


It was one of that
old glass-and- steel-type. It had two round rings on the end where his
finger slid in to hold it and a ring for his thumb to push the plunger.
The needle was long; I couldn’t believe that I was seeing this.

I could see him place cotton over her buttocks area and then he drilled
the injection into her. I heard her wince in pain as it went into her
flesh. Then he withdrew it and wiped the area. She stood up and began to
dress. I watch her dress pulling her panties up and putting on her bra
and slip again.

Then I turned back to my work as they moved to another room. I went
outside to my truck and waited for her to come out.

As our eyes met I smiled and said hello. She replied hello. I don’t
think she even knew that I was in the house.

I will never forget that day.

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60yo granny cervix exam movie

27 Mar 2011

Today I’ve found some fresh content for ya.Well not quite fresh for the ‘girl’ under my attention is not really a girl its senior lady.
Dare to watch her pussy closeup and examine its contents? here we go:

old lady saggy tits

don’t rush  @ 1st I’d have to take her pulse coz she is a little bit nervous in from of our camera

mature lady on gyno chair

Then after I’ve helped her she stand up and agreed to proceed  to the next part of examination

granny cervix closeup

…where I put my favorite speculum and made some nice shots of her cervix closeup.

granny anal check up

in this final part Ive noticed that she might also have problems with her rectum. Hope we see it on her next visit.

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asian first table gyno exam

22 Mar 2011

This is teen amateur examination pictures taken at gyno clinic

tight pussy gyno exam
where young women Rosemary passes through her 1st embarrassed physical checkup

the site contain 2 galleries of the tight thai female patient action guided by professional doc while tutoring his unexperienced assistant Mr. Jade Stewart. (I had fun look at the student stupid face when he pose for his boss 😉
That 18years old Thailand girl was pretty nervous at the first time but when the gyn is flirting with her and she started to like it.
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Asian Gyno Chair Pussy A young asian babe gets her pink examined by a male intern-student

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exclusiveclub medical fetish cervix movies

18 Mar 2011

Gyno Clinic Video Free Gallery n 1077: Teenage Female patient Monika cervix examined by mature doctor.

Taken by official camera at free public gyno clinic.

monika hd sample1 boob examination high definition

shot2:undress babe, I am gonna inspect your tight body and record this on camera

scene3 : stainless steel speculum inside her teenage vagina reveals her cervix

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10 Mar 2011


Gyn Examination Performed By Nurse Sexy teen nurse performs a big hairy pussy checkup while doctor is away

Beautiful brunette nurse examines pussy and ass of her gorgeous blonde patient at gyno clinic
Gallery 2

Gyno Hospital Medical Movies Adorable nurse with black hair examines pussy and beauty rectum of gorgeous blond female patient at the hospital checkup room


Speculum CheckUp Videos Petite teen allow to squize her small perky tits during regular examination then the nurse sticks the speculum up her tight vagina

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03 Mar 2011

Hey, hey!
Just to keep you updated that to a long time ago I’ve came across a ‘gyn/ob fetish’ page @ gyno bizzare world
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