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Gyno examination story

31 Dec 2010

Its new 2010 year is coming very soon

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and here is the story:
My name is Jenny. I’m a 18 year old schoolgirl, and I want to tell you
about my visit to the doctor yesterday. I had to have my first pap smear
and I was a bit frightened, to tell you the truth. My mother had told me
how it would hurt a bit, but that it was necessary to make sure I didn’t
have cancer. I didn’t want to go, but she finally made me.

The doctor was very nice. He understood I was embarrassed and he sent my
mother out of the room, so there were only the two of us in the surgery.
That was a nice thought, wasn’t it? It was bad enough to take all of my
clothes off in front of the doctor, let alone having my mother looking
on as well.

The doctor picked up a camera and said he needed to take some pictures
of me taking off my clothes for the medical record. As I stripped, he
clicked away, watching me closely. I didn’t know they kept such detailed
records of patients. I was impressed how thorough the doctor was.

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Gyno exam a la russe

17 Dec 2010

I am a 30ish well groomed from top to bottom fairly attractive male who
works out periodically. I recently moved to a new area so when my once a
year checkup time came around I went in search of a new doctor. I
normally exam-002.jpgalways see a female doctor as it makes me more comfortable, so
luckily I found one not far from my new home. I called to make the
appointment and went through the new patient routine and when asked what
the visit was for I replied checkup and was asked if this was a ‘yearly
complete’. I said yes. Little did I know what ‘complete’ meant.

Anyway, I showed up a bit early my appointment to go through the usual
new patient paperwork and whatnot, which I finished.  Waiting a few
moments when a pretty attractive dirty blond haired young woman in her
20’s called my name, she led me to the back and by the restroom.exam-007.jpg She
introduced herself as a medical assistant and said she would be
assisting the doctor with my exam if that was OK, which it was I
She then asked if I could provide a urine sample for her. I said yes as
she handed me the cup and showed me to the restroom and the ledge to
leave the cup on. I finished my business and came out, she motioned me
down the hall and into a well lit and good-sized exam room where she
began to ask me a few questions about my medical history. Nothing new
except this time she asked, right after date of last physical exam. Had
I ever received a prostate exam ? I replied no, then she asked if I had
ever received a rectal exam at all. I replied no again. exam-012.jpgAnd have you
ever had a full exam of the genitals she asked. I replied that I was not
sure. She then asked me remove my clothes, she would return in a moment
to begin the exam.
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    02 Dec 2010

    The doctor ask me to remove my blouse, I again looked for approval from
    my Mistress. Mistress told me to obey the commands of the doctor or I
    would be punished. My hands trembled as I slowly unbuttoned and removed
    my blouse. I placed it on the corner of the desk. I instinctively
    started to cover my breast but then let my arms hang straight down by my
    sides. Mistress order me to clasp my hands behind my head and to keep my
    elbows strait saying “Show your breast proudly Lori”.
    gyno-01.jpg gyno-02.jpg

    I obeyed, the doctor and Erica gazed at my tits for a few moments before

    the doctor tells to turn sideways. She then spoke to Erica saying “I
    think you’re right darling her breast aren’t large, but they appear firm
    enough that she could go bra-less with no problem, brassiere”s with cut
    outs which would show her areolae’s and nipples are another

    gyno-03.jpg gyno-04.jpg

    The doctor comments made me blush red and to bow my head,
    I have always felt self conscious about my tits especially my nipples.
    To me they are ugly, but Mistress says they are adorable. Erica’s breast
    and nipples are perfect and taste so delicious. After taking down some
    information like my age, full name and so on.

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    The doctor then began a
    series of Questions that caused me to lower my eyes and flush scarlet
    with embarrassment and humiliation