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old pussy inspected

29 Nov 2010

My name is Dr. Joseph Scott. I have an MD in Proctology. If you know
what that means, I am an Ass doctor.

The only glamorous part of my job is that I have an office in Beverly
Hills and have been consultant to the rich and famous for several years

Today is just another ordinary day. The usual appointments with people
with a pain in the ass, being a pain in the ass for me. It was ordinary
till the phone rang. My receptionist Kelly came to me to tell me that it
was Julia Ryan on the phone.

Julia had been my patient a few years ago and was now a successful
Hollywood movie star. I had not seen her in two years and now it was a
pleasure to hear her voice.

Hello Scott, she said, in a breathy tone. Her natural voice had gone
changed practicing a lusty and breathless tone for those sex scenes she
always played in the movies.

It is so nice to hear from you Julia after such a long time. Is
something the matter ?

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26 Nov 2010

The doctor came into the room a few minutes and shut the door. He
introduced himself as Doctor Boswell. Elizabeth was mildly surprised at
how very young he appeared to be. To her, he didn’t look much older than
her oldest son, Bill. The doctor was about 6′ tall, handsome and had the
appearance of someone who liked the outdoors because he was well-tanned
and a healthy athletic look about him. He engaged her in the usual
doctor-patient small talk for a short time while he scribbled on his
notepad. Then he got down to the business at hand.

doctor-05.jpg doctor-07.jpg
He asked Elizabeth to lay back on the table and then turn onto her left
side with her knees up toward her chest. As she did this, the paper gown
moved up and her nice round ass soon became fully exposed. She assumed
that the doctor probably got a good glimpse of her abundant growth of
pubic hair between her legs as she had turned over onto her side. The
doctor sat down on his rolling chair and moved towards the table. He
squeezed a generous glop of K-Y Jelly onto a finger. Then he reached
over and spread the cheeks of her ass. He proceeded to lubricate her
asshole real good so he could insert the colonoscopy tube without
problems. The doctor’s finger slipped just a bit as he was inserting his
finger and accidently touched the lower portion of her pussy. The jelly
felt cold on her asshole and pussy lips and she flinched just a bit. He
finished the lubrication and got the tube ready for insertion into her
doctor-08.jpg doctor-10.jpg

He slowly pushed the flexible tubing up into her asshole. It was
slightly uncomfortable at first but Elizabeth soon got used to it. He
laid a hand on one cheek of her ass as he was peering into the viewer
that showed her innards. In the past, she had always felt very awkward
whenever she was exposed and touched this way during a doctor’s exam.
special examination But this doctor’s touch felt rather pleasant so she started to relax a
bit while he was probing her ass. Her previous doctor had been a much
older man so she never had any sexual feelings whenever he had examined
her. But, the fact that this doctor was young and handsome and was now
looking at her fully exposed ass stirred up a bit of sexual excitement
within her.

special examination

She also knew that he had a view of her pussy and the thick
and curly brunette pubic hair that covered her Mound of Venus! She
decided that she would have some harmless fun and give herself a little
thrill. Without really thinking about it, she lifted her right leg ever
so slightly to give him a better view of her goodies. She tried to make
this look like a natural shifting of body position.

Special exam embarrassment

17 Nov 2010

Upon registering with the receptionist, Sarah was asked if she objected
to being examined by a male Physician’s Assistant student. I was
standing in the hall down from her when she turned around and looked in
my direction.exam-03.jpg She smiled at me, and I saw her shake her head “no” in
response to that obligatory question. I couldn’t help but notice her
pretty face, even from that distance. Unlike most of the patients I had
seen during this rotation, she was young and apparently in a good
physical condition. I immediately looked forward to meeting this woman.
She returned to the reception room and waited to be called.

special examinationspecial examination
I will admit to going to the break room and straightening my hair, and
making sure there was no food between my teeth or boogers in my nose.
Feeling prepared, I then went through her medical records and
familiarized myself with her history. She was 32 years of age, 5’6”,
and at her last visit, weighed 126 lbs. and had an unremarkable medical
history. There was a family history of cervical cancer, so it was
recommended she have yearly checkups. I proceeded to the reception room
and called out her name. She looked up from a magazine and placed it on
the coffee table. Slowly she stood and walked towards me. As I held open
the door, she maintained direct eye contact until she passed me, then
walked down the hall. Her eyes were a stunning green, obviously with the
help of colored contact lenses, exam-09.jpgand her face was as pretty up-close as
it seemed to be from afar. I directed her to the second door on the left
and followed her into the room, unable to resist looking at the small
butt in her tight jeans . She entered the room and sat at the foot of
the examining table, and I on the stool next to a small desk which was
mounted to the wall. I introduced myself, and thanked her for allowing
me to see her.

First gyno exam embarrassment

12 Nov 2010

Nurse Allcott pushed the cart over to the end of the table and held up
several of the vaginal nozzles that would be tried so Ginney would know
exactly what was to happen.  “I will start with the smallest nozzle and
go upwards in size from there.  Please let me know if you experience any
discomfort as we try the different nozzles.  Knowing that Ginney was new
to douching procedures, nurse Allcott was sure to lubricate the first
nozzle very liberally before the insertion.  Ginney heard the catch
basin being pulled out at the end of the table just below her
well-presented buttocks.  Nurse Allcott held the nozzle in the enameled
basin and reached up to the clamp on the hose releasing it slightly with
the lever until solution squirted from the multiple openings of the
ebonite feminine nozzle.  With all the air expelled she clamped the hose
and said, “Take a slow deep breath while I insert the nozzle.”  With
that she expertly spread the inner labia and placed the blunt end of the
nozzle into the well-formed introitus of the redhead and slowly twisted
and pressed until the bulbous end of the nozzle was past the tight
hymeneal opening and vaginal sphincter muscles.  Feeling less resistance
she eased the full length of the nozzle deep into Ginney until the
shield rested at the inner labia but not occluding the introitus.  “How
does that feel,” she asked the teenager,  “It did not hurt and
everything seems just fine,” Ginney replied.  Ginney secretly enjoyed
the slightly erotic feeling of the nozzle slipping past her sensitive
vaginal opening.  The generous lubrication had eliminated any pain and
if anything, increased the sensuality of the experience.  She reminded
herself to be sure and use plenty of lubricant when she douched herself
at home in the future.
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09 Nov 2010

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01 Nov 2010

It was time for Anna’s yearly exam. It is something that she needs to
do, but hates very much. After she finished filling out the exam form
she could feel the moisture gathering between her legs and this
humiliates her. Reading a month old magazine trying to get her mind off
the coming exam Anna was surprised to hear her name called by a male. It
was Doctor Major her GYN for the last 20 years walking toward her.
“Hi Anna how have you been?” said the Doctor.
“Good, Doctor,” she said

closeup-pussy-002.jpg closeup-pussy-003.jpg
He cleared his throat saying. “I need your help today. Would you mind
letting an intern observer your exam? The intern has been here all day
and no one has allowed the intern to be in the exam room.”

speculum-video-002.jpg speculum-video-003.jpg
Anna a lady of 49 knowing that patients have to give the interns a
chance to observe exams, so they will get the experience needed to
become good doctors.

exclusive clubExclisive club gyno exams
“I will allow the intern to observe my exam doctor,” said Anna after
thinking for a full 3 minutes of the possible consequences of her answer
and feeling herself blush at the thought of more than one doctor in the
room during her exam.

The doctor went over to the receptionist, looked over at Anna and said
something to the receptionist, then walk into the rear area. A nurse
came out of the rear area went to the receptionist, they exchanged a few
words the nurse picked up a file and called Anna’s name.

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