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Speculum closeup

28 Oct 2010

I remember being an eighteen year old freshman at college and having to
go to the infirmary beacause of stomach cramping. The visiting doctor
that evening was older, about 50 or so and had me go into the examining
room and undress while he was still in the small windowless room with
me. speculum_closeup_moviesHe didn’t offer me a robe, but had me lie on my stomach on the
examination table with a pillow under my hips, my legs spread and
slightly on my knees. He spoke very low and gently as he explained that
the dining hall food here at the school had been stopping up in several
students colons that week and I wasn’t the first to suffer from this
cramping. He put on latex gloves and began to massage my rectum. I felt
some warm lube being rubbed into the area and it felt so good. He asked
if I was uncomfortable and I replied no, I was fine. He told me to
relax, because I would feel some pressure for a few minutes as he
examined me. I felt him slide his finger in and out of my rectum and it
started to feel really good. I could feel him slide another finger into
me and I was starting to get pretty wet and turned on. I wanted to moan,
but I stayed quiet.closeup-pussy-003.jpg He was talking to me the entire time about me
relaxing my muscles and letting his fingers examine the inside of my
rectum to discover any blockage. I felt a third finger slide in and I
let out an involuntary moan. He asked if he had hurt me and I said, no,
not at all. “It was all very relaxing, please continue…”
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This went on for a few more minutes and he was thoroughly examining the
inside of my rectum and rubbing all around it and it felt really
incredible. Then he gently pulled out his fingers, and said that I had a
definite blockage in my colon and he would next be giving me a nice warm
relaxing enema to break it up. I had no idea what he was talking about,
but he went on to explain that he would be placing a tub up my rectum
and slowly filling my colon with a warm solution of water and a slight
sedative to help me to relax. exclusive clubAfter the colon had been filled with this
solution, he would plug my colon and I would hold the solution for about
twenty minutes and then he would help clean me out. I said that if he
thought it would help me, that I trusted him completely. He walked out
of the room and said he would return shortly. He helped me to lie down
across the examining table on my back and relax before he left to
prepare the enema.Doctor inspects pussy with a speculum and gives a cunnilingus to his patient

About ten minutes later, he returned and remarked that there were no
other patients there that night and the nurse on duty was buried in a
book at the other end of the building, so he was free to stay here with
me and answer any questions I might have in regards to the procedure. He
was carrying what looked like two rubber hot water bottles, which he
proceeded to hook onto a tall stand that would normally hold an I.V.
bag. He then attached the tubes that extended from each bottle into a
larger tube with a small nozzle at the end. This he covered in lube. He
helped me to lie down, still naked, on my back and scooted my ass to the
end of the table. He then had me bend my legs and place my ankles on
each side of my ass cheeks, thus spreading wide my ass and pussy. He
told me that if the water filling up my colon became uncomfortable, I
might want to put some weight on my heels and relieve the pressure until
the water passed further into my colon. He told me that I might become
slightly woozy as there was a slight sedative in the solution, but that
I should just relax. I smiled and said, of course.

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doctor tushy videos

19 Oct 2010

My first encounter with seeing a woman being examined was when I was a
teenager working for my uncle one summer. I use to fix appliances such
as refrigerators and washers. One day I got a service call to fix a
refrigerator for a doctor at his home. I got to the large two story home
and was ushered in by this very old man who turned out was a retired
doctor. As we walked through his house I notice an exam room filled with
very old medical furniture and equipment. He told me saw a few patients
from time to time.
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As I was working on the refrigerator, the bell rang and the doctor
answered. In walked very attractive women about thirty or so. The doctor
walked her to that exam room I passed. He guided her into the room and
left the door almost fully open.

She walked up to the table and removed her top, skirt then her slip. She
removed her bra exposing her bountiful breasts. Then she put her slip
back on over her almost naked body. She sat on the table for awhile
waiting for the doctor. The doctor walked in front of her and began
talking with her.

I was hidden by the fridge but could see all. I guess he forgot I was
there and left the door open. He took her temp and looked in her mouth
and ears. Then he opened this glass and wood cabinet and took this old
fashioned stethoscope with brown tubing and a big bell and put it on. He
then placed it on her back and she began to take deep breaths as he
moved the stethoscope around her back. She then lowered her slip to her
waist exposing her chest again.

First gyno checkup video

17 Oct 2010

I’m at the office. I check in, take a seat, and wait for my name to be
called. I can’t believe I’m nervous as a cat! I cross and recross my
legs, I can feel the wetness creeping out from my vulva as I anticipate
what is to come. It’s been over a year since my last exam and I’m
dreading/anticipating what’s coming up next.

ebony-nurse-06.jpg ebony-nurse-08.jpg
ebony-nurse-10.jpg ebony-nurse-13.jpg

Finally the nurse calls my name and I follow her to the exam room. She
has me sit down while she takes my pb, pulse, and asks for health
history. Opening a drawer she pulls out an exam gown and a small sheet.
“When you change into the gown please leave your panties on. The Dr.
will tell you when and if he wants you to take them off. Well, it’s
after 5 and I’m going home now, you’ll be in good hands with Dr. Don.”

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“Wait,” I say, “who’s Dr. Don?”
“He’s taking Dr. Sam’s place today, he and an emergency, don’t worry,
you’ll like Dr. Don.” With that she leaves the room and I begin to strip
down hoping Dr. Don is as gentle as Dr. Sam is. Off comes my blouse,
shorts, shoes, socks, and finally my bra. I quickly slip into the gown
as it is a bit chilly in the exam room. Since I have some time I snoop
around in the cupboards looking at all the interesting and strange
instruments Dr. Sam/Dr. Don uses everyday. I hear footsteps in the hall
and jump onto the exam table.
I hear a soft knock on the door and before I can answer Dr. Don walks
in. He introduces himself to me and begins to read my chart with

Doctor gyno embarrassment

14 Oct 2010

Claire slipped her shoes off and the floor was cold – even through her
stockings. The dress slipped easily off after the three buttons at the
front were undone. Claire stepped out from behind the screen wearing
only her bra, stockings and panties. Debbie smiled and said,
“Everything please, I need to check for dermatological problems.”
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Claire shyly stepped behind the screen again. She slipped off her bra
and her eyes confirmed what she felt – her nipples were engorged with
purple, and rock hard. She rolled down the hold ups and slipped out of
the panties.
“Do you have any gowns?” Claire asked. “You won’t be
needing a gown – you’ve nothing I haven’t seen before,” she joked.
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Claire stepped gingerly from behind the screen, one arm covering her
breasts and one her crotch.  The arm didn’t do a good job of hiding her
chest as Claire had squashed it tight against them and this served only
to make them appear bigger than their already impressive size.

“Just pop your wee self onto the table here – on your front please.”
Even though Debbie said please, Claire didn’t feel like questioning her.

The table was excrutiatingly cold against her bare stomach but again,
the gasp was one of anticipation.

“Any known skin problems or allergies?”

Debbie examined Claire from her toes up towards the top of her legs.

“Open your legs please – any piles or worms?”

“I don’t know,” replied Claire sheepishly but doing as she was told.

“I’ll just give you a quick check.”

Claire heard the snap of latex gloves against wrists and realised what
was about to happen.

“This shouldn’t hurt…”

Debbie’s gloved index finger probed the flesh around the edge of
Claire’s bottom. Claire had never felt like this before and squirmed
with excitement.

“No swelling on the outside, just checking for worms….”

Debbie inserted her finger at least two inches inside Claire and
wiggled. This time Claire could not stifle her moans.

Did Debbie hear?

“Turn onto your back please.”

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Rectal gyno exam movies

11 Oct 2010

She took the tube of KY in her hand and approached my butt. “Spread your
legs for me a little bit,” she said as I felt her hand between my
thighs. Then I felt her hand trace a path up my thighs to my cheeks,
where she spread her fingers apart and this exposed my asshole. I felt
the tube of KY against my cheeks and then I felt the cool lubricant
being squeezed out onto my asshole. I felt her finger spreading the KY
around my asshole. “Now, exhale,” she said, and as I did, I felt her
finger slide slowly into my asshole, twisting from side to side as she
inserted it the full length. “See, with plenty of lubrication, you don’t
feel a thing,” she said, as she applied steady pressure to her finger.
Well, don’t feel a thing’ was an understatement – she probably should
have said, don’t feel any discomfort.’
medical_video_03.jpg medical_video_04.jpg

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I was feeling GREAT with her finger in my ass and she was moving it
around a little bit, in and out, side to side. I felt my dick getting
hard beneath me. Then, Nurse Kathy curled her fingertip and the feeling
was intensified. “That’s your prostate,” she said, as she pushed on it.
“It’s the essence of a man’s sexual being, and I thought I might as well
let you know that,” she continued as she rubbed her fingertip on my
prostate. My asshole involuntarily clenched tightly against her finger.
“See? You can’t help it,” she said, and then she slowly removed her
finger from my asshole. Now my dick has achieved a full hard-on
underneath me and it’s everything I can do to keep from undulating on
the exam table.
medical_video_08.jpg medical_video_10.jpg
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She left me lying on the examination table as she walked over to the
counter and picked up the thermometer, applying KY to its length.
“Lubricate the anus and the rectum, as well as the thermometer, and it’s
smooth sailing,” she said as she again approached my ass. I felt my
cheeks being spread and she placed the tip of the thermometer against my
asshole. I clenched my muscles slightly and then I felt the tip pass my
asshole and she steadily inserted the thermometer. “Wait for that anal
spasm when the thermometer touches the anus, then insert it – no
problem, right?,” she said, as she stood behind me and rubbed my cheeks
as the thermometer registered.

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New doctor story

10 Oct 2010

blonde_gyno_xxxRumors were flying all over town. The latest talk over coffee was the
new Doctor in town. He was supposed to be very good looking and a
specialist, but no body knew what he specialized in. Mary, being the
inquisitive one, couldn’t t stand it any long so she made an appointment
to go see him and find out for herself, just what kind of a doctor he
was. He only had office hours on Friday and Saturday and his
appointments were for late in the evening. Mary made an appointment for
Saturday at 9:30pm. She arrived to find his office was in a very nice
home and following the directions he given her on the phone, she came in
and went to the top of the stairs and knocked on the door.
When he opened the door and invited her in, Mary thought she would
dissolve right there on the spot. He was gorgeous, tall, dark and
dressed in khaki slacks and a plaid shirt. blonde_gyno_exam_23.jpgNot at all what you would
expect a doctor to look like a and had a voice that could melt butter.
He told Mary he was happy to see her and that they would being her
examination immediately. While she removed all her clothes, he would get
things ready for her exam. On the chair was one of those half gowns that
you put on with the opening in the front and a drape sheet. So far Mary
didn’t t see anything unusual Soon he called to her to come out when she
was ready, and lie down on the bed. He gazed at her and assured her that
there would be no pain everything was going to be all right.

He began by opening one side of her gown and telling her he was going to
do a breast exam. blonde_gyno_exam_24.jpgSlowly and methodically he explored every inch of her
breast gently massaging her sensitive skin, and when he began to roll
her nipple back and forth, between his fingers, she thought she would
die. He gently laid the gown flap over that one and uncovered her other
breast. He reassured her that she was doing fine. That incredible voice
….Such ecstasy she had never known before. At that point things began
to change and she understood the difference between his exams and a
regular doctors exam.

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