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Doctor hardcore videos

31 Jul 2010

The doc gets the speculum, greases it with some KY and then slips it into her. She can hear the clicks as he presses the lever that opens both the speculum and her pussy. Remember – she’s a pretty sexually charged up wife – so she continues to then tell me that the doctor says, “Perhaps you should watch exactly what is going on.” So the doc positions a mirror next to him that lets her see exactly what is happening.

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She watches him insert his fingers up her pussy and inspect them when they come back out glistening. Then he rotates a knob on the table and it causes the stirrups to spread apart – she says it hurts a bit but in the mirror she can see why he’s doing it – as the stirrups move apart, the table tilts slightly and her pussy is now simply gaping open. Her cervix is clearly visible as well as gooey strands of juice.


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She is silent as the doctor greases up one finger with KY and proceeds to begin to massage her vagina. “He says it’s to relax me,” and it does. Soon a few more clicks are heard as the speculum opens wider. Now the doc can easily get 3 or 4 fingers inside – he say’s hes checking muscle tone.

After only a few more minutes (mind you she’s still slowly sliding that dildo in and out as she tells me this story – eyes closed) – she tells me that the doc says, “Just a few more clicks and we’ll be ready to start the procedure.”

Sure enough – more clicks are heard – more than either of the past 2 times he ‘opened’ it wider. It begins to hurt – lots – but she can’t move – she tells the doc it’s not comfortable and he says, just 3 more clicks – try to relax.

Sure enough, she’s able to handle it. The doc begins. First cotton swabs are used with some sort of liquid on it – she can see the swabs ‘cleaning’ everything – cervix, vagina, lips. The doc is able to slip a finger or two actually inside her cervix. After a moment, it too stays open and the doc shines a light inside her most deep recesses.

“There seems to be a lot of mucus here,” he says as he swabs her out again. Then – and now she’s really got the dildo moving – she tells me how the doc gets a ‘sampler’ out. A long thin probe with a flat cuplike area at the end.

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He takes several samples by scraping just about everything inside her, her head begins to thrash back and forth as she describes the cold sampler slipping inside her cervix and scraping gently.

After a moment of additional examination, the doctor says he needs to get another opinion, he leaves her spread and open and proceeds to leave the examining room for a moment. (I know from other fantasies and from actual experience with her that she’s somewhat into humiliation) so it’s no surprise when she tells me that the door to the exam room slowly slides back open as she’s lying there.

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anal checkup movies

25 Jul 2010

Her fine, frilly pair of panties still sat on  the floor between the couch and coffee table.
They were deposited in the laundry.  And she was  otherwise free to go about her day.

He asked just one more thing of her.  He wished  her to do a checkup.  It would occur at 10:30
that morning.  And at that moment, she need do  nothing other than take stock of herself.

He would not subject her to the indignity of  another physical exam.  She knew how she was
feeling … whether her thoughts stayed within the range appropriate to such a nice young

She knew, and would be able to say so.  If they  were, she would go about the rest of her day.
If they were not, she might benefit from a  little further guidance.

blonde babe goes through annua

l anal checkup including regular body examination with speculum and stirrups

she removes her clothes, slowly takes her panties down and proceed to gyno chair in order to get her anus and vagina checked

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ebony pelvic exam videos

24 Jul 2010

ebony gyno exam story with some dr tushy videous

My dad took me to my appointment.  The nurse gave me some forms to fill out.
I filled out my medical history form, it ask me a lot of questions.Then we where directed to an examination room.  I was told to get undressed and put on a gown.  I quickly removed my cloths.  I which I had a bra to cover my breast. My chocolate boobs where a lot more than nipples anyway.  I put on the gown and tried to cover up as much as possible.

The doctor came in and read my medical history and checked the medical release form.  He told me to get up on the examination table.  I was very nervous this was the first time I had been to a gynecologist office, my dad being there only made it worst.

I am going to give you a pelvic examine and check to see if you carry a baby in your vomb said the doctor.  I will have lay you down to examination table said the doctor.

He ordered me to lay on to the table and put my black feet in the stirrups.

Then he removed my gown and picked up a big strap and put it across my waist.  The doctor moved the big stirrups around until they had my knees up high and my feet at about the height of my butt.  The doctor then strapped me to the stirrups in two places.  Next he started to fasten my hands when I told him to leave them alone.  The doctor told me we could do it the easy way or his way.  I yanked my hands away from him.  That was a mistake.

The doctor reached up and garbed my nipple and squeezed it so hard, I screamed.  He then let go and garbed my hand and said next time it would be worst if I did not cooperate.  I let him fasten my hands to the table.  How many times have you had sex said the doctor.  I told him only one time.  He asks me if I had ever had anal intercourse.  I told him no and that I had not ever heard of that.

He went over to a cabinet and picked up a dish and put it by my pussy and told me to pee in it.

I told him I was not peeing in front of him and I did not have to go anyway.  The doctor set down the dish and went back to the cabinet.  He brought back a stainless steal tube on the end of a huge syringe.  He told my father it was a catheter sized for large adults about .2 inches in diameter.  He then started to insert it into my urethra.  I started to scream it hurt too much.  The doctor told me I should have peed for him.  He just kept pushing until it was in to my bladder.  Then he pulled back on the syringe handle and filled up the syringe and removed the catheter.  It hurt worst coming out, I was in tears at this point.  I ask my father let me go.  He told me to thank the doctor for taking care of me and to start acting right or it would only get much worse.  My dad told me I would have to stay until the examination was completed.

The Doctor used the urine sample for a pregnancy test.  While the test was going on the doctor came back and started to examine me.

The doctor started to examine my pussy lips next, they both just stood between my legs looking into my pussy.  The doctor measured my pussy lips before and while he stretched them terribly.  The doctor asks my dad for the binders on the tray.  He took one and put it on my thigh and told my dad to do the same.  Next he attached my pussy lips to the binders with a clap and an elastic strap.  It hurt a lot having my pussy lips stretched out so far.  The doctor said that keeps the labia minor out of the way and helps keep her mind busy for the next step.

He then started to examine my clitoris, He rubbed it very hard.  I was starting to get excited. It never took much to get me excited.  The doctor told my dad I had a very sensitive clitoris and it should be very easy for me to have orgasms.  The doctor then started looking at my vagina.  She has no remnants of a hymen.  I can’t tell how long ago or how often she has had sex he said to my dad.  The doctor picked up a long clear plastic probe and inserted it into my vagina until it touched the cervix itself.  She has a 5 inch long vagina that is normal.  The doctor removed the tool and inserted two fingers into my vagina and told my dad she is very wet and very tight.  The guy who fucked her must have had a pencil dick he said.  I wanted to crawl away…

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Blonde pussy closeup videos

21 Jul 2010

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Nurse uniform

20 Jul 2010

Medical fetishism? you’re doing it right!

They do what they are told “now pull down your panties and lay on your stomach” they get real good exam, their breasts, their vaginas and their tight asses,  the doctor knows what hes doing so they ask no questions when he decides to check their temperature by sticking a thermometer in their tight virgin assholes. This site also offers explicit enema movies.

chubby gyno exam

19 Jul 2010

today is the day of bbw women

Sexy 22 y.o. bbw Kristina has been ordered to take of all her clothes and shave-off her fat pubic hair, spreading over her pussy lips under strict control of a lesbo like nurse. After embarrassing pussy shaving Kristina was humiliated by other medical tests. Among them big speculum was inserted in her juicy, fresh shaved chubby vagina! Yes, this blonde medical bitch is sure every patient should suffer during gyno exams of her.So our fattie has been suffering a lot. But see for yourself
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old pussy gyno exam

14 Jul 2010

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A redhead housewife, mainly spends her time with housekeeping. Besides her husband, our doctor Tim is the only man who is allowed sticking fingers in her pussy. In this gyno check up you will see: vitals and breasts checkup, pussy check with fingers, pussy stretching, rectal thermometer, palpation, clear and metal speculum exam, taking cervical sample, cumshot dildo therapy
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pubic palpation

11 Jul 2010


I ran into a new and high quality medical fetish paysite that offers 100% exclusive content (shot specially for the site) with monthly membership for only $29,95. It features gigabytes of  medical and gynecological videos in DVD and in HD quality, high-rez close-up scenes, 10 years back archive, regular updates and a members’ forum to talk to those who share your fetish 🙂

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the doctor interviews the girl before an examination

checking physical cervix extreme close-ups metal speculum examination

Special gyno exam

08 Jul 2010


True gyno exam story illustrated with SPECIAL EXAMINATION pictures

college girl pantiesThe doctor made no move to cover Linda’s breasts at this point, she just began to move her hands lower to press her abdomen, pushing the panties lower as needed, until the top of Linda’s light brown pubic hair came into view. “I guess these need to come off now, Linda,” Dr. Francis requested, as the nurse moved into pull the panties over Linda’s hips and pull them off entirely. Linda lay there, her neatly trimmed pubic mound exposed, her legs still primly pressed together, now totally nude on the table.

“Can you move down to the end of the table, please?” the nurse asked as she extended the stirrups for this part of the exam. Now Linda’s heart was really going, as she slid into place and the nurse guided her feet into the holders. Dr. Francis was pulling on a pair of thin rubber gloves and turned around to see Linda’s exposed genital area, the brown hair sparse enough to offer an excellent view of everything. pussy exploredDr. Francis remembered when women never even looked at their genitals, let alone groomed them as many young ladies did these days. She much preferred the modern custom, she thought, as she contemplated Linda’s youthful region, and offered a commentary to her patient.

“Good color,” she offered before she had even touched Linda. But then she did touch her, the gloved fingers moving over her genital area, examining her labia, thermometer in her asspushing back the clitoral hood, holding the smaller lips apart to locate her urethra. Linda could feel Dr. Francis’ fingers working over her, gentle but with a purpose. The doctor slowly slipped a finger into her vaginal entrance. “Clench down, Linda, please,” she requested, and Linda tightened up around Dr. Francis’ finger. “Now release…and again.” Linda complied. The finger came out. “You’re a little dry. I’m going to use lubricant and my fingers before we do the speculum. It will feel better that way.”

doctor examines pussyAfter a few seconds, Linda felt the doctor’s finger re-enter her, easier this time, and examine the entrance on all sides, then go in deeper, to relax Linda and prepare her vagina to accept the speculum. Dr. Francis could feel the vaginal moisture begin to flow. She preferred this method for her patients; it was easier on the women, and established a trust that made the exams go much quicker and less traumatically.