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True gyno exam story

28 Jun 2010

The nurse had finished and left and she was now nude under a flimsy white gown that had two ties in the back but didn’t do much to cover her firm ass. She sat down on the table and noticed that the stirrups were different from any she had ever seen before. They hooked on the table at the same point but they were long padded pieces that went out and up at an angle, they went up fairly steep and then bent and went down. On each side there were two padded pieces going straight up about four inches. She was studying these things when the door opened and a man who looked in his early forties came through the door, she looked at him and noticed he was fairly hansom and quite a bit younger than she had expected. He looked like he was active, no stomach and well-toned arms, and she figured he must go to the gym a few times a week to stay in that good of shape.

After his hello and introduction he slid the X-rays into the lighted viewer and began to look the photos over. She sat looking over his shoulder for a few moments before he turned around and stepped to the side allowing her a full view of the films “I don’t see anything here that is alarming, there is one small blemish right at the surface right here” he pointed to a spot on one of the X- rays “but that looks more like a film smudge than anything else but we’ll do a manual examination and if need be we can get more pictures but I highly doubt it will amount to anything” he sat down at a small desk and began reviewing her chart. He looked up and said “judging by your BP and pulse and your overall appearance I’d venture to guess you’re not a couch potato” he smiled at her as he said this

She smiled back at him “no I try to keep active”

Suntanned blonde strips down and lays on the table for a gyno exam
“That’s good, you wouldn’t believe how many men as well as women I see at our age whose body’s are ready for a retirement home.” She thought about “our age” and wondered how old he really was; she was 36 so maybe he wasn’t as old as she thought. “Looking at your answers and your vital signs this should be a pretty routine exam but I need to ask a few more questions before we begin, you said here your last cycle was 2 weeks ago are your cycles regular?”

“Yes, fairly regular give or take a few days”

“Good, and being single I need to ask if you are sexually active?”

“Well” she felt herself blushing “not really active”

“When was your last intercourse?”

She was turning red now “a while ago”

He looked at her with an irritated look on his face “it’s nothing to be ashamed of but knowing how long ago it was will help me know what to look for when I do my exam for instance if it was last night and I found some redness and swelling I’d think less of it than I would if it was more than a month ago. Just answer less than two weeks, two to three weeks, three weeks to a month, or a month or more.”

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Gyno exam routine

19 Jun 2010

Upon arrival you will be taken to an exam room by a nurse for an initial physical exam. In the exam room you will be instructed to disrobe and put on a hospital gown. You will then be placed on an exam table and your legs placed in the stirrups. Your legs will be strapped in the stirrups and a strap will be placed around your chest and arms to insure your safety should you be startled by a cold or unfamiliar instrument. You will then be asked to urinate in a specimen container which the nurse will hold for you. If you cannot urinate at this time a specimen will be collected later. It is important to get this specimen to verify that you are not pregnant even though your period has started. Next the nurse will administer a 4 ounce mineral oil enema to prepare you for a rectal exam. After the enema is administered the nurse will insert a device similar to a tampon in your rectum to help retain the enema.
After you have been prepped, the Doctor will arrive to examine you. Your exam will begin with a routine pelvic exam, a PAP smear, and a visual exam of you vagina and cervix by the use of a speculum. While your vagina is dilated with the speculum it will be irrigated and suctioned out. Next the Doctor will insert a small cup-like device made of rubber called a “Keeper” into your vagina. The cup fits around your cervix and will catch your menstrual flow. This device will eliminate the need for tampons or pads during your visit and provide laboratory samples. Your nurse will remove the keeper for samples and cleaning on a regular basis. Next the Doctor will remove the retention device from your rectum and you will be instructed to empty your bowels into a bedpan. The Doctor will then insert a gloved finger in your rectum to examine it. After your initial exam is completed your nurse will take you to your room.

medical fetish gynaecology exam of a blonde

11 Jun 2010

Beautiful female showing her pretty nipples

HOT blondie with big thick bubble booty gets a complete exam by a female doctor that loves to really take her time. This blondie gets her vagina examined and then gets her temperature taken and also a nice deep rectal exam. HOT movie, girl has a really tight pussy and ass
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rectal gyno exam

10 Jun 2010

lets put some light or rectal exam during normal physical checkup
about it:
A digital (finger) rectal examination is done to check for problems with organs or other structures in the pelvis and lower belly. During the examination, a health professional gently puts a lubricated, gloved finger of one hand into the rectum. He or she may use the other hand to press on the lower belly or pelvic area.

this exam a often performed with the help of assistant e.g. nurse
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Male doctor gyno exam

04 Jun 2010

Jessie is incredibly confused when she sees a male gyn on entering the room. She has big problems trying to tell him her problems and gets red cheeks when he tells her to undress and lie down.

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