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fuck cervix photos

25 Feb 2010


not so far if you’re not noticed Ive open a

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2. bondaged hentai babe on table with medical instruments and strange device having her cervix surgery
cervix porn surgery

3. Petite babe tied to floor brush with her legs spreaded and shown up yammy picture of open cervix view through the big glass bottle
cervix bottle fuck

4. Manga image of a teen with her cunt wide open and almost turned inside out.

cervix fucking comics

09 Feb 2010

Fuck her cervix
this time I will post a comics with weird fetish about girls fucked in their cervix
fuck cervix anatomy picture
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comics about a guy who deflorated a girl into cervix

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virgin medical fetish story

01 Feb 2010

Long haired asian woman gets her pussy and ass examined by a cute nurse

the pictures were taken from asian exam free site please enjoy em to there

Please note: All characters in this story are fictitious, any similarity
to persons living or dead is purely coincidental.  The author does not
necessarily condone or endorse any of the activities detailed in this
story, some of which are dangerous or illegal.

The Virgin needs a little stretching

gyno_01.jpg My name is Mae Wong, I am engaged to marry the love of my life in 6 weeks.  I am very small and I was afraid I would be too small to have sex. So I setup an appointment with Dr Gyno to evaluate my problem.

gyno_18.jpg This was the first time I had been to a gynecologist.  I went to his office and the doctor showed me to an examination room.  He gave me some forms to fill out and told me to get undressed and put on a gown.

The first form was a medical history.  I am 19 years old, four feet two inches tall and weigh 70 pounds. Under the sexual history section, I marked I was a virgin and have never had an orgasm.  The rest of the form was general medical questions.  The second from was a release form for the doctor to examine me.  I signed it with out reading it.  I removed my shirt and pants, and panties and put on the gown. I have never worn a bra due to the very small size of my breast, they are smaller that AA.

gyno_09.jpg The examination room was very large.  There was equipment on all the walls, large locked cabinets and several roll around trays of instruments.  The examination table was very large with mechanical stirrups.  I set down on the examination table waiting for the doctor.

gyno_15.jpg About 10 minutes later the doctor came into the examination room.  He directed me to a scale and weighed me.  He said I was a very little person only four feet two inches tall and only 75 pounds.  I went back and set on the examination table while the doctor reviewed my medical history.  He asks me when my last period was and how heavy they are. I told him it was about a week ago and it is just a few drops of blood and it only last a couple of days.  He asks me if I used pads or tampons. I told him I could not get a tampon in my vagina. I told the doctor that I was to be married soon and wanted to make sure I could have sex since I was so small.

gyno_19.jpg The doctor told me he was going to start the examination and to lie down on the examination table.  He helped me get in the right position.  The doctor then removed my gown. I was completely naked in front of a man for the first time in my life.  I was very nervous about being theyТre in the first place and being naked was only making it worst.  He could sense this; he then put a belt around my waist.  The doctor said he was going to cuff my legs to the stirrups so he could examine me. The stirrups had a padded area for my knee and the foot part was an open boot that closed with laces.  He then strapped my knees to the stirrups and laced up the boots.  I could not move my body at this time.  He pushed some buttons and moved the stirrups so they where very wide.  The doctor then raised some wings on the side of the examination table and fastened my hands to the wings with some padded cuffs.  I ask the doctor if all this was necessary, and he said that if I fell off the table it was his responsibility and his insurance required it.  I still did not like the idea of being bound to the table.
The doctor then started to examine me.  He reached out and started to touch my breast. This did not take long sense I have very small breast.  He squeezed and pulled on my nipples for a long time.  You have inverted nipples the doctor said and then ask if they ever get erect and stick out.  I told him no they had always been this way.  The doctor then went and got a breast pump and put it on both of my breast.  The thing was sucking very hard on my breast.  My whole breast went into the device.  It felt strange. It would suck for a few seconds then release just like milking a cow and start over again.

The doctor went down to the end of the table and started to examine my vagina.  The doctor turned on a video monitor so I could see what he was going to do.  I film all the examinations for your medical history said the doctor.  The doctor told me I had very little pubic hair for some one of my age and ask if I shaved it.  I told him no I didnТt. I have a area about 1inch long and about ╜ inch wide above my pussy and no hair any where else.  The doctor the started to examine my labia minor and major.  The doctor stretched my pussy lips and measures them.  You have nice size lips and they are very elastic.  I wondered why you would want them elastic.  The doctor then said for the next part of the examination he would need to pull my lips out of the way.  He picked up two straps and attached them to the stirrups.  Each strap had an elastic cord with a clap on the end.  I knew what he was going to do next.  He attached the clamp firmly to one my lips and then pulled the strap tight. I said it was starting to hurt and could he release it.  The doctor just went ahead and attached the other clamp and told me the pain would ease in a minute.

to be continued…

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