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Gyno speculum movies

27 Oct 2009

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Cute Jessica was having regular sex with her husband until recently. He started complaining that her pussy is too tight and pushes on his cock too strongly so he comes in a matter of seconds. She is not satisfied with those seconds and went to the doctor for help. She signed up for a regular medical checkout. When arrived at the clinic she is lead to the exam room where the nurse performs boob exam and then proceeds to checking her vagina with gyno speculum

Anal cavity search

25 Oct 2009

Today’s prisoner Madison Moore is a prostitute. This has not been a lucky day for her – she had only 2 clients and got caught by the police. She was delivered to the station. This is not the first time she got there and the female officer decided to punish her with a painful anal cavity search
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Forced gyno exam

06 Oct 2009

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Poor slut Jessica undergoes forced gyno exam at the airport.

When airport security guards spotted her she was acting like she was drugged so they decided to check her out. When she started to shout at them they had to take her to the special room on suspicion she had some unallowed substances in her cavities.

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Strip search exams

02 Oct 2009

The poor unlucky sluts that get to jail have to be examined thoroughly. The reason is they may have unallowed substances with them. in most private places. So the police officers take care of it and perform careful cavity search.

strip search cavity search in jail
cavity search in jail