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Blonde gyno exam videos

28 Sep 2009

blonde gyno movies gallery

check out Janet going thru the gyno exam full nude. The nurse will inspect her pink vagina and check her rectum as well

A Sensual Examination

Your last visit to your doctor took place more than a year ago. Now it was time for another routine checkup by the gynecologist. Much had happened in the last year you had lost weight gained confidence in yourself, and looked quite different. Your hair was longer, and you had tinted it to a shade of red that made heads turn when you walked down the street. Your makeup was more professional, too, and your eyes were particularly outstanding – the soft black liner you used made their very light blue color even more noticeable. Your style of dressing had become more sensuous; you now favored clinging fabrics and close fitting slacks.

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Medical fetish videos gallery

23 Sep 2009

Here you go – cute brunette is there for a gyno enema!

She comes to the clinic with severe pain in the rectum. The nurse is very concerned to get her the right treatment. She tells her to undress and lay down

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Enema clinic voyeur story

22 Sep 2009

At the Erotic Health Clinic

My girlfriend, Joann, left me a note saying that she had gone to see her friend Wanda down at EHC. The only problem was that I had just got home and it was only 11 AM; it seemed too early for an afternoon visit with a friend. I decided to take a ride down to EHC and see just what Joann and Wanda were up to.

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When I arrived, the receptionist told me that Wanda was doing a treatment and that I would have to wait to see her. About 12:30 Wanda came in and asked me to go with her. She told me that Joann was participating in a complete internal cleansing and asked if I would like to watch from a private gallery. I said “Of course!” thinking that I would get to see Joann helping Wanda with some sort of enema.

Wanda took me to a room that had several large TV monitors on one wall. She turned them on and I was given a multi-angle view of someone getting an enema – I couldn’t see a face yet, only 27″ close-ups of the same ass and pussy. The standard enema nozzle was being removed and relief tube was being inserted – there was quite a bit of wiggling going on by the owner of the ass. Then I became aware that there was something familiar about that butt, the small birthmark high on the inside left thigh – it was Joann’s ass. Wanda startled me – I forgot she was there – when she said “Joann came in for anal-rectal relaxation treatment so that she could give you the ass-fucking you’ve wanted for so long. Don’t tell her that you’re watching all this. Just ass fuck her like you want – I promise she’ll be ready for you tonight.” As she walked out the door she said “And remember the EHC rule, you can’t touch yourself here – only we can.”

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Play doctor

16 Sep 2009


Author: Deirdre

(bd mf ff ds sm)

A story about grownups playing doctor šŸ™‚ — deirdre

Disclaimer: my stories, like the private sex fantasies of many people, often depict “breaking some rules”. Do not read this story if you believe fantasy stories should never depict situations undesirable in real life. Be warned that you may not be comfortable with the sexual situations. Do not read this story if you are less than 18 years of age.

Permission granted to archive, repost, or publish in low-cost CD-ROM archives of alt groups. Permission granted to publish in anthologies of this type of material if attributed to deirdre and an author’s payment is sent to AIDS research in the name of deirdre. — deirdre

blonde gyno examBlonde babe exam sexy tushy check
Sexy and seductive blonde teen wants to take part in sports competitions and needs a full medical exam to sign up. She comes to a hospital and consults the nurse. Then she undresses to reveal her nubile body. The nurse examines her tits and then gets down to her pink pussy. She thoroughly checks it with a speculum. In the end she gives her a rectal thermometer check and lets her go.
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I’ve known for years that my husband has doctor’s office sex fantasies. For a long time, he has been suggesting that we play one out, but I always refused. But finally, once after we went out for a great dinner, I had had plenty of wine and was feeling really good and I thought “Why not?” I told him I was up for it, expecting to see some of that infantile male excitement, but surprisingly enough, he was pretty cool. The only thing different I noticed was that we were not driving toward home as expected.

We ended up parking at a medical office building and the next thing I new he was leading me to the back door. It was dark inside. Amazingly enough, the back door was propped open and he led me in, carefully making sure the door remained propped. It was spooky being inside a dark building and you can believe that I was nervous about being in there! He led me up a dark stairwell, up several flights of stairs soon making me wonder why we didn’t take the elevator. Finally we emerged in a hall which was also dark but had a bit of illumination from streetlights through windows at the ends of the hall. He led me to a door and told me to go in.

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Shy latina gyno video

14 Sep 2009

featuring today a gyno exam video. Busty latina Monica has phsycological problems – she is very shy and cannot relax while having sex with her boyfriend. He is not very fond of missionary position and wants her to know her pussy is ok and there’s nothing to be ashamed of. So he sent her to a gyno clinic, where a nurse will examin her vagina and make her more confident.

Embarrassing physical

11 Sep 2009


“Oh god, do I have to be here ?” Brooke thought, as she was sitting in
the waiting area of Dr. Clark’s office.

“It’s just a routine physical, everyone who works here gets one,” her
new boss told her.

Boob Exam Scam is the place where you can see that the docs are sometimes so concerned about their patients’ health they have no choice but perform some hardcore gyno exam.
“I don’t really need the job all this bad, there are a million jobs out
there,” she would tell herself, “But not one that pays this well, so I
guess I have to do this.”

As she was flipping nervously through the pages of the latest Cosmo’
the nurse came out. “Brooke, the Doctor will see you now. The nurse led
her back to the exam room. As they entered, Brooke was shocked to see
the stirrups on the table.

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Big clit story

10 Sep 2009

Here is a medical fetish story for you

Born Again

By Trice-Cummings
This is a story told to me by a friend to send to you. It tells of how
things aren’t always what they seem to be and how nothing is as easy as
you thought it would be. The woman and the affliction is real and she
wanted to share so others who may have a deformity shouldn’t feel alone.

When I was born I had a slight deformity, The skin over my clitoris was
over grown and it looked as if I had a two inch little penis. The
doctors at that time didn’t have the technology they do today so it was
left alone. As I grew, my parents took me to doctors that said it would
be better if they waited for me to mature before attempting to fix it.
Needless to say I didn’t date and was quite insecure. When I was twenty,
I thought about having myself fixed but I would make appointments then
cancel them, due to the embarrassment that I was sure to feel.

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Finally, when I was twenty four I felt like my biological clock was
running out and wanted to have more of a meaningful relationship rather
than just going out with my fellow employees and staving off the men
that would sure want to see my body. So I found a woman doctor in the
phone book and made the appointment and kept it.

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Gyno clinic free pictures

09 Sep 2009

Andy’s Visit to the Rava’s Clinic
My kind of fetish is a very “medical” one, so I usually seek
professional help. As you know, northern Europe is filled with “White
Rooms”, that’s to say fictional clinics where professional and trained
mistresses and masters perform medical scenes. So this is what happened
when I visited a place called “Rava’s Clinic” in Stuttgart.

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When I arrived, the receptionist told me that Wanda was doing a treatment and that I would have to wait to see her. About 12:30 Wanda came in and asked me to go with her. She told me that Joann was participating in a complete internal cleansing and asked if I would like to watch from a private gallery. I said “Of course!” thinking that I would get to see Joann helping Wanda with some sort of enema. tushy exam

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I had made an appointment for a Saturday afternoon, about 3 p.m. asking
for a three hour session. I rang the bell and was admitted in a place
that looked just the set of “ER” or something like that. You won’t
believe it, but they have a patient’s room, an emergency room, a
treatment room and an OR! Everything looked incredibly real, there were
stretchers and wheel-chairs around, tags on the doors and the lady in
question (Rava) was dressed in green scrubs, looking like she had just
come from a difficult operation…. a real fantasy world. I sat a while
in her office and we discussed the session. Then I was shown the patient
room and was asked to undress and wait there. I put my clothes in the
locker and found a hospital gown on the bed.

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Busty woman gyno videos

06 Sep 2009

An appointment with Dr.B

Author J

I live in the Midwest and we have several doctors in the town but one that I remember best was Dr. B. He was about 80 years old and had been in medicine forever. When you went to his office the receptionist was also his nurse and usually you were the only patient there. The office contained one of the old wooden exam tables, an exam chair and he still used the glass syringes with the large needles he reused and kept in a steam sterilizer. I liked the fact that he was easy to see, cheap and usually made you feel better fairly quick.

Busty Girl Gyno Movies clips gallery Busty Girl Gyno Movies
A cute blonde with delicious tits is examined by skinny nurse who fingers her ass
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when I first saw those babes I drop my load on them.

I was dating a girl named Jane who did not really like doctors and hated shots and one only go to the doctor when she was really sick and I usually had to force her to go. She came home from work one day complaining of not feeling well again and I told her that I had decided she needed checked out and I was tired of her being sick so I had made her an appointment with Dr.B.

She complained as usual but since she did not have a regular doctor she agreed to go. I did not tell her that I had explained to the nurse that she had been complaining about not feeling good for some time and had not been to the doctor in a long time.

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Gyno exams pictures

05 Sep 2009

Ashley’s Fever Ordeal

By Lynduke

gyno_porn_siteA nurse examines vagina ass and checks out blood pressure of the babemore at Hospital Fetish

Ashley was new on campus and not yet registered with the health clinic. So as she dialed for help late one Saturday evening, she didnt even know if they would help her. Finally she got through.

“Hello, nurses office,Ā  Lyn speaking ”Ā  came a reassuring female voice on the other end.

“Is this the nurse? ” Ashley asked,

“Yes dear, what is the problem ?” the voice replied

“I am a new student and I think I have a high temperature” “I feel achy all over and real hot to the touch”

“Have you taken your temp?”Ā  asked Nurse Lyn

“No I havent. I dont have a thermometer”Ashley advised.

“Why dont you come down and I’ll see what I can do.Ā  Okay? ”

And with that Ashley was on her way to the clinic ,just a short walk from her dorm room. When she arrived, Lyn was sitting at the front desk. She was a kindly middle aged woman, with dark hair and warm blue eyes. She was dressed in her starched white nurses uniform andĀ  hat. The hat seemed really old fashioned and out of place to Ashley and she could tell this nurse was from the old school. Introductions and paperwork completed, Lyn led Ashley to Exam Room #3 and advisedĀ  herĀ  to undress, leaveĀ  her panties on and place a hospital gown on, slit to the back.

The exam room was cold and sterile. It was brightly lit and very impersonal. Ash was taken back by the exam table and she noted that it was set up for gyn exams. She sat motionless, staring at the stainless steel stirrups, freezing in her gown.

With a sharp knock on the door Lyn returned. She said because Ashley was a new student she would need a complete physical. This scared Ashley as she had never been examined like this before. She was hardly even sexually active. First she had to give a urine specimen in front of the nurse. Then her finger was pricked for a blood specimen. She was placed in the stirrups and had her vagina entered by a gloved finger, her rectum was penetrated and probed. Her breasts were felt and examined.

” Is this really necessary” ? she murmured.

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Gyno porn video

04 Sep 2009


Walking to the meeting with professor Steadmen, Andrea was going over in her mind what she was going to say to him. She has been in his class for 2 semesters now. No matter what she does, she cannot seem to get a passing grade. She needs the grade to keep her scholarship grant.

Knocking on the door to his office Andrea waited until she heardĀ  him call her in. She walked up to the desk and told him they have to talk about her marks. Andrea was the type of lady to get her own way all the time. Professor Steadmen knew this and he is not going to give into her unless she does as he tells her too.

Looking straight at the Professor Andrea said. “What do I have to do to get a passing mark in your class?”

“Do the assignments correctly and on time is the easiest way.” said the Professor

“I have been doing that all year.” said Andrea.

Looking in his mark book the Professor said, “You missed three assignments and 4 you gave me were only partially complete. How can I give you good marks with a record like this?”

“Well a lot of the other professors are helping me out.” she said batting her eyes.

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“You want me to help you out, then be at this address Friday night at 6:30. Do as your told for the next 5 Fridays and you will get an ā€˜A’ for all your courses. If you don’tĀ  I will have you thrown out of college for serving alcohol to under aged girls at parties at your dorm.” He said writing an address on a piece of paper for her.

“How do you know about the parties?” She asked.

“This is a small campus I know everything that happens around here. That is why you can’t do your assignments. Your too busy partying.” The professor said confirming his suspicions.

“What should I wear.” she said smiling trying to get back on his good side.

“Anything you like.” the professor said smiling back at her.

Friday came fast it was 6:15 and Andrea was driving along a tree lined street with very expensive houses on it. She found the number of the house she was looking for. Andrea pulled up to the gate and it opened for her. She drove up the driveway, it was beautifully landscaped. She parked her car next to a number of luxury cars that were there. Only one other car was there that was not a luxury car, it had a sticker on it from the college.Ā  She noticed the sticker when she walked by the car.

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Redhead gyno fetish movie

02 Sep 2009

A Visit to the Natural Health Clinic

I was reading in the City Paper about a place that offered various services including COLONIC IRRIGATION. In these days, that advertisement could be very straight forward and/or it could be a front to get one into the situation where “other services” could be offered. Either way, I know that I like the true value of the colonic irrigation, not to mention the feeling of the tube in my ass, so I made an appointment.

When I called the number it was a tape machine which explained the various services, but at the end of the recording it gave another number to call to schedule services and concluded by saying, “If you’re not serious about your health, don’t call.” That was a clue to me that this place might truly be for real. So I called the next number and the woman who answered took my number and within a few minutes was call was returned. The woman who returned my call asked whether I had ever had a colonic before and what was the reason that I did it. So, I answered “yes” and said that I liked the way it feels. I guess that was good enough reason for her to schedule an appointment with me tonight at 7:00.

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It turned out that the place was located in a small two-story office building off of old Route 3 in Millersville. Still not knowing what to expect, I climbed the steps to the 2nd floor. I had been thinking about this for the several days before my appointment, wondering how I could introduce the sexual aspect if, in fact, this place was willing to participate and was just being cautious. I was also wondering how to get my temperature taken rectally and had figured that I would just ask, basing my question on a past experience somewhere else. But, that never got a chance to happen since I forgot my thermometer and left it at home this morning. I was going to stop and buy another one, but I decided to wait it out, and if the place was an “enema parlor” there would always be another time.

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