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I juz love this doctor tushy gyno fetish…

30 Aug 2009

I juz love this doctor tushy gyno fetish movies.

Nurse gets examined

30 Aug 2009

A Different Visit to Sherema

When I first arrived at the clinic, I was immediately greeted by the nurse…who soon was to be my patient. We walked into the examination room and immediately, I could see that this was everything that I had imagined. Off to one side of the room was the standard examining table…complete with stirrups. Although it was my original intention to BE examined, the sight of the stirrups caused my thoughts to immediately shift to GIVING an examination. When my nurse asked me to get undressed for the examination, it was then that I informed her that SHE was to be the patient. After a bit of objecting on her part…and some negotiating on her part she began to undress.

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Now, this nurse was everything that one could ask for. She was of average height and of slight build. Medium sized breasts, a shapely waist, and what appeared to be a firm and round ass. I would soon be seeing all of this…and exactly in the way that I had desired for so long. My nurse stepped back, reached behind her and unzipped her nurses uniform. She let it fall to the floor, leaving her standing there in a white bra that adequately covered her breasts, and hi-cut white bikini panties. She did not wear a garter belt or stockings. I almost preferred it that way. Standing in front of me was this nurse, almost naked, just moments away from being examined by my hands! She then reached behind her to remove her bra. It fell to the floor to join her previously disrobed dress. Yes, her breasts were as I imagined them…nice and round, firm, no sag…with nice little nipples that were rapidly beginning to stick out. I handed her the examining gown and she quickly put it on. Then, I asked her to sit upon the examining table so that we could begin our examination.

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Gyno fantasy

29 Aug 2009

nude girl gyno examA Letter Received

After reading your letters, I find myself wishing you would appear at my door, a doctor making a surprise “checkup”.

House calls (or dorm calls) are easy enough, you tell me, and patients are more comfortable when they feel at home.  This makes sense to me.  I let you in.  You carry a black bag, which I guess contains your tools.  I will soon discover that I’m right, but the tools I imagine you have are not what you brought.

You put the bag on my desk and sit down in my only chair.  I sit on the bed, indian-style, wondering what kind of checkup I will be getting.  You watch me intently until I begin to squirm, and then you speak.  “In a general checkup like this, I usually begin by taking a temperature and depending on that, the routine varies from patient to patient.”

vagina exam

I nod OK and wait for you to remove your thermometer.  I notice that you take two thermometers from your bag.  You take one and read it, shake it down, and then I open my mouth as you approach me – taking the thermometer in my mouth.  As I sit there, I watch you get your supplies from the bag and lay them out on the desk, then you do a little paperwork and, before long, you’re taking the thermometer from my mouth.  “Hmmm, that’s interesting”, you say and you shake down the thermometer and put it back in its case.  I’m surprised when you get the other thermometer and I notice that it has a bulbous end rather than a long one as I’m used to.  You tell me to stand up and take my panties off.  I’m shy to do it in front of you, but you’re the doctor…  I feel myself blush as I slide my panties down to my ankles before stepping out of them.  I’m wearing a long skirt, so I don’t show very much in taking them off.

You get up from the chair and tell me to lie on the bed on my stomach.  I’m thinking this is a bit odd until you approach the bed and tell me, “Get up on your knees so I can slide this skirt up.”  I do it, feeling odd with you behind me.  You lean over and pull my skirt up slowly, until my legs and ass are entirely exposed to your gaze.  You leave the skirt bunched at my hips and step away from me briefly.

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Breast Exam Story

23 Aug 2009

Author: Copyright 2005 Silky Delight

I think most women secretly hate their breasts. No matter how big or small, we seem to focus all our ill feelings on these delightful organs. Mine were always a sore point, and I always dressed conservatively to hide my smallish 36 Bs from everyone. My husband knew better than to pay much attention to them during our lovemaking -he knew I did not like him to pay attention to such unworthy boobs! I cringed anytime he touched them! Dave was always after me, telling it was just not normal and that he wanted me to be happy with my body and enjoy our lovemaking to the fullest. Finally one day, he had had it. He came home early and told me that we were going to see a special doctor. He had always been so good to me, and this was the one part of our lives that bothered us. I figured he was going to take me to a shrink….

The clinic looked like so many others – that clean-cut building with lots of glass and modern sculptures. Dave signed us in, and we sat down in the cool waiting room. Odd, but I didn’t notice any signs – my mind was working over what I was going to tell this doctor so that everyone would leave me alone. A uniformed nurse called our names a few minutes later and ushered us to a beautifully paneled office with a discrete exam table off to one side and a screen in one corner. Soft music, plush carpet and quiet lighting all forced me to relax. I knew we were just here to talk.

hairy_pussy_exam_11.jpeg hairy_pussy_exam_12.jpeg

The door opened a few minutes later, and two mid-30ish doctors entered the room. “Good afternoon, Dave. I see you finally got Linda to join you.” I looked over at Dave, surprised that these doctors knew who I was. “Good afternoon, Linda. I am Doctor Miller, and this is my colleague, Doctor Young. Dave has been coming to us for a while now, learning to deal with your embarrassment over your breasts, and reluctance to even have them touched. He has asked us to examine you to rule out any physical reasons for your lack of desire. Do you have any objections?”

I have to admit, they caught me off guard. I looked over at Dave and saw not only the pain in his eyes, but the desire, too. He had always been so careful to make sure that I enjoyed our sexual interludes. I knew this meant a lot to him, and steeled myself for this exam. I shook my head no, too embarrassed to say anything. “I want you to go behind that screen in the corner, and remove your blouse and pants but leave your bra and panties on. There is a gown hanging there for you. You will be much more comfortable if you put the opening to the front…”

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Alices Embarrassment

21 Aug 2009

Alice arrives at the building at 8:30 takes the elevator to the sixth floor and goes to the suite 610. The receptionist asks Alice if she could help her. She said that  she had an appointment with Joe Duffle.

Joe comes out to greet Alice. He shakes her hand, then tells her to follow him into the conference room. He tells her that he is very impressed with her marks and she is old enough to take responsibility, so he is offering her a starting pay of $45,000 dollars, but she has to meet the owner, since he has the final say. Joe excused himself and went to get the owner. A gentlemen with goofy glasses came into the room with Joe.  This is the owner, Wesley Thumper. “Gee, his name even fits him,” Alice thought. “Hello,” she said to him. Wesley sat down and started telling her that she would be in charge of the feminine products side of the business. Most of the customers came  there. There is very little traveling, but we are looking for a special person for the job.

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“We are giving you the job on the condition you pass our physical. Is that understood?”

“Yes it is,” said Alice.

Wesley went on to say, “Do not to worry- we will not ask you to do anything you do not want to do. The only thing you have to do now is pass the exam and you can start the day after you pass it.

Alice was flying high today, she was told to see the girl at the desk and have her make an appointment for her.  “Sue,” as her name  tag said called down to the dispensary and asked if they had room to give a lady an exam.  She is being sent by Wesley.  Alice could hear on the other end, “Yes, we have a four hour period to do the testing.”

Alice said, “Four hours? It must be something other than a simple exam.” She didn’t know how right she was.

Sue got up and told Alice to follow her. They went to the ground floor all the way in the back of the building. They stopped in front of a door that said “Entry exams done here.” Sue opened the door and showed Alice in. There was a male nurse at the desk. “Hi Jim,” Sue said, “this is Alice she is here for the Wesley physical.”

“Hi Alice.” He handed her a booklet to fill out.

Alice filled out the information needed, then read the back page. It stated ,in short,  that she will do what the doctor said or she will not get the job. “Wow!”  she thought, ” this is going to be some exam.” She came this far, she will not let a little exam bother her.

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