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Snowy Week

22 Jul 2009

A Snowy Week

This story is very fiction and is just one’s mind running amuck. Please don’t take the actions in this story as true and don’t try this at home.
My husband of one in a half years and I were sitting at breakfast when he looked at me and asked, ” You OK Carla ?”

I replied that I was fine.

“You don’t look so hot.”

I just mumbled. We lived on 420 acres of land and I guess that maybe I was a little lonely and the weather had turned bad with an impending storm that would snow us in for sure. “Just the weather I guess.” I responded. He got up and went about doing his chores as I started mine. There was a lot to do on a spread this big.

My husband was a fairly young MD that retired and bought this place with plenty of money to spare. He had a lot of rental property and investments to keep us well off. I went about my day and I tired quickly. Joe my husband found me sleeping on the couch when he came in for lunch. He woke me up. “Oh I just needed some rest.” I said.

He brought his hand to my head and said “I think it maybe more than that baby.” He then picked me up from the couch and started to go into the kitchen. “Oh No honey I’m OK ….I don’t need to go down there.” He just carried me over to the basement door and down the stairs.


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I had been in this room once before and I hated it. It made me not want to ever show him that I was ill again, he made me feel a lot worse before he made me feel better. The room was a fully equipped medical room with a hospital bed, equipment, and a true OR table, there was also a custom made enema chair that looked more like a birthing chair. ” I’m just a little tired,” I stated but he continued to place me on a big over stuffed chair by the hospital bed. The basement was two big rooms one was always locked off and I never had entered it and didn’t want too. There was a TV at the bottom of the hospital bed and I just sighed remembering the first time I had been brought down here. I watched a lot of TV and laid in pain. Joe came back and placed a hospital gown in my lap and told me to get undressed. I slowly did this as he went over and put on his lab coat. He then released one of the side rails on the bed and told me to get in.

I was soon laying on the bed and he started by taking my vital signs, then he told me to lay on my tummy. I slowly complied and I knew what he was going to do. He went to a nearby cart and picked up some KY jelly and a big rectal thermometer. I groaned as I heard him snap on his latex gloves. He came over and parted my cheeks and I felt the coolness of the lubricant on my anus. He pushed his finger into my small hole and moved it around quickly. He then pulled it out and pushed the glass rod up into my rectum. I squirmed and he held me down with one palm on my bottom holding the rod in my butt and the other on the small of my back. After about five minutes he pulled it from my bottom and said, “You have a slight temp but nothing to worry about…sit up now.” I did as he said and he proceeded to check my heart, lungs, ears eyes, nose, throat….etc….

“Humm…” he said and I looked up and said, “I’m telling you I’m just a little tired is all.” He then told me to sit in the enema chair….

“Why ?” I asked and with a stern look he said, “I want to give you a pelvic exam.”

I slowly made my way to the chair and sat down on the cold seat. He then came over and strapped my waist and legs to the chair and soon it moved back so that my legs were now spread and wide apart. He sat on a small stool that wheeled around and came over between my legs. He then parted my vaginal lips and placed two fingers into my vagina. I moaned as he pressed hard up in me, while pressing on my abdomen. I could see him watching my face for any reaction and there was none. He pulled his fingers from me and went to the cart and grabbed a speculum and returned back to between my legs. He slowly pushed the speculum into me and spread it wide. He then took a pen light and looked up inside me. ” You look a bit swollen but I think it’s time for your period so that’s normal.”

“See I told you I was OK.” He then placed some more KY on his finger and pushed it up my rectum and I whimpered.

“That hurt?” I just nodded. He pushed farther and twisted his finger inside me. He knew that my anus was small and that his finger would hurt me up there. “I need to get you cleaned out so I can do a scope,” he exclaimed and I sighed.

The chair started to move and soon I was sitting up again. He let the restraints loose and helped me up. He walked me over to the bed and helped me to lay down and then he pulled up the side rail and covered me up. “I need to get some things done and then I will be back to start cleaning you up.” He turned on the TV and then he said, “Just try and get some rest.” He went upstairs. I laid there sorta tired but wondering what he was going to do to me. I knew what he meant about cleaning me out but what scope was he going to use? I dozed off.

I was awaken by the bed moving up, the whole bed was rising and I saw Joe standing by my side. I looked down and saw numerous things on a cart by the bedside. After bring the bed to his waist height he took one of my arms and strapped a rubber strap around it.

“What are you doing?” I asked and he kept working while he explained. “I need to get some blood and I’m going to start an IV at the same time so I only have to poke you once.” With that he swabbed a vein on my hand and then stuck a needle into it. “Ouch!” I said. I saw him draw up a syringe of blood and then he attached a clear plastic tube to it. He taped the tubing off to my hand and I was watching the fluid drip into me.

“I really don’t need this …I”M FINE !!” I explained.

He then brought over a basin and a razor and placed it on my bedside table. “Oh baby do you have to shave me?” I wined and he just got the equipment together and uncovered me.

“You need to be clean and hair is not clean during an exam.” I just put my head back …I knew I was in for it. “OK.. raise your bottom for me.” As I did he pushed two folded towels under my bottom so that it lifted it just a bit off the bed. He then took my legs and I bent my knees and brought my feet flat together. Now my bottom was wide open so he could get to my hairy bottom. “humph” I said as he lathered my pubic area and started to shave me from the top to my very bottom. He then told me to roll over and get on all fours. I rolled my eyes and did as he said. “Spread your legs wide,” he said, and I did. He then lathered around my anus and started to shave.

“Why do you need to shave there?” I asked. He just kept on going and then said that it will help the scope move in easier.

He then told me to lay done on the towels again, as I rolled over I could see him opening a package. “Why do you need one of those?”

He looked at me and said, “I need a urine sample.”

I was whimpering when I said ” But I can go pee in a bottle for you …Please don’t stick that thing in me.”

He was preparing me and said, “Honey this is the best way to get a sterile specimen and I need to have you draining while I examine you.” I whimpered some more as he started to clean my little pee hole. I then felt the tip of the catheter at my opening and he told me to take a deep breath. As I did the tube went up into me and I groaned. It stung and burned as it entered me. He then got the sample and filled a small balloon in my bladder so that my urine would flow into a bag. He taped the tubing to the side of my inner thigh and then hung the bag down on the bottom of the bed frame. He covered me back up and pulled up the side rail and then went to the other room. I looked around and started to really feel sick with the IV and the tube in my bladder that made me feel like I had to constantly go pee.

He was in the other room for quite a while I laid there with the head of the bed part way up, watching TV. I then took my hand and reached down to feel my hairless pubis and then my finger touched the tube that was inside me. I pulled my hand back like it bit me. He came out of the room and was holding another IV bag, but this one was very small. “You have some puss in your urine…which means some kind of infection…I’m going to send out the sample for a culture, but for now I will start you on a antibiotic.” He placed the bag on the pole and then attached it to my IV tubing and started the flow. This was getting worse I thought now I have two bags going into me and one coming out. I thought.

He then said, “That will take about a half an hour for that to run…I want to give you your suppositories and they should start working about the time the bag is finished.” He placed two foil things on the bed and told me to roll over onto my left side.

“What are the supps for?” I wailed and he said “It’s the first part of the cleaning out process….I need you clean so I can scope you.”

I glared at him, “You’re going to put a scope in my ass?” I said and he just nodded. I saw him pull in some gloves and he helped me over onto my side. I was whimpering. He then bent my right leg so that it almost touched my breast.

” OK baby here we go,” and with that I felt something cold on my anus and then he pushed it far into my rectum. I groaned then he pushed the second one in and kept his gloved hand in my tiny anus. “Take it out.” He began to rub my cheeks with his other hand and said, “I need to make sure they dissolve and don’t come out.”

“Humph,” was my reply

After ten minutes or so he shoved his finger back up me and felt around. ” OUCHEE” I cried and he pulled his finger from me. ” OK you need to hold it until this bag is empty. I could already feel the burning from the supps and I felt as if I had to go already. I watched as the bag slowly emptied into my arm and I started to squirm. ” I need to go now” I said and he was arranging things onto the cart. he looked over and said, “the bag needs to empty….rub your belly that should help,” and he went back to work.

I rubbed my belly and rolled over onto my side, it was hard to hold it and I noticed that I had a disposable blue pad under my bottom in case of any leaks. Finally he came over and took down the side rail and led me to the enema chair. I sat down hard and poop came out of me. It was firm at first and then got looser. As I sat there he took the small bag down from my IV and started to strap me into the chair.

“What are you going to do?”

He placed my urine bag on the side of the chair and I could see my urine had filled about a quarter of he bag already. “You need to be thoroughly cleaned out for the scope.” He strapped my waist, legs and then my head so it wouldn’t fall forward while I was filling. I had done this before but didn’t really like to have my anus played with. Soon the chair started to move and I was looking at the floor with my butt in the air. I heard him pull on some gloves and then he left me and went to the other room. He came back with a clear enema bag and I saw that it was filled with soapy water. He lubed my bottom by pushing his finger around in my rectum. He then pushed the small but long nozzle into me and started the flow. He then left me there to fill. I felt small cramps at first and then they got stronger as the soap invaded me. I moaned and groaned and he came over and massaged my belly.

He repeated the enemas until I was gushing clear water and that took 3, 2 qt enemas. The chair was in a sitting position and I was released from it. I was exhausted and told him so.

He said that it was time for me to be scoped and he started to lead me to the OR table. I held on to my IV pole and he had my urine bag. I could see the high table had a white sheet on it and I saw the cart had a towel over the instruments that he would use on me.

“Will this hurt?” I asked and he said that it may be a little uncomfortable. He helped me onto the table and instructed me to lay on my left side. He then placed a strap around my waist and told me to pull my right leg to my chest. I slowly did that. I then felt a drape being placed over me and he positioned the hole in the drape over my bottom so all he could see was my anus.

I laid in that position while I heard the clanking of instruments, but I refused to look.” OK honey just some KY Jelly” and I felt the cool lube on my bottom. He spread it all around my anus and then inserted his finger and lubed me well inside. I groaned as he entered me, I was sore and his finger was big.

“Now take some deep breaths…” and on the second breath a big thing was pushed inside of me and I cried out. “OUEE…”

I felt it move up and he told me to take long deep breaths, I tried to concentrate on breathing but the tube was pushed deeper.

“OK I need to pump some air into you so I have a good view.”

I then felt my tummy cramp and I told him. “I hurt.”

He continued to push the tube and said, ” It will be a little uncomfortable.”

I heard another hiss and more cramps. ” UGHHHH” I moaned and he said, “Just a few more minutes hon.”

This went on for quite a while and then I felt him pulling turning and twisting the tube inside me. “Oh please stop…” I cried and he just went about his business. A few more minutes went by and the tube was pulled out of me. I panted with relief.

“Good girl …..” I now need you to lay on your back.”

I moved to my back feeling the tube in my bladder pull slightly. I still took deep breaths as he went around the table. He inserted the big stirrups on each side of the table and I looked in awe. “What are you going to do?”

“I need to do a little procedure today so we can start your treatments tomorrow.”

“What …procedure …what treatments?”

He came around and took my arms and placed them on two small boards and then strapped them down, he then spread them wide so it looked as if I was trying to fly. He reached behind my neck and undid the gown and took it from me. Now I was totally naked except for my tubes that hung from the poles and me. As he was working he explained. “Your colon and anus are quite small and I think that’s why you get sick …these can be easily stretched with treatments….So while I have you here I want to scrape your uterus and take some samples…..I will send them to the lab at the hospital….I will then insert a tube into your uterus and let the blood drain into a bag so I can observe it. …I’m doing this for your well being….Sometime I will have to scope your bladder and I just may do that now I’m not sure.”

I began to cry as he pulled me down so that my bottom fit into the hole in the table and he went around placing my legs and feet into the stirrups. He draped my legs with green drapes and said, “I need to scrub up so you will be here for a while …I will bring back something to help you relax.”

He then left to the other room and I looked around and between my legs. He had tightened the strap around my waist and I was very secured. When he dropped the bottom of the table down It made me wide and totally exposed. Soon he came back and put something into my IV and I dozed off.

I felt something going into my vagina and spread it wide, the drug made me keep my eyes closed. I then felt sever cramps and I moaned. I felt some tugging and pulling and then I heard like a suction machine and it was slopping up something. More pulling and tugging and the cramping. I sorta dozed, and when I woke up my legs were down and I was just laying on the table. My bottom hurt and I started to cry from the pain.

“What happened?” I asked.

My husband came to me and said, “Ah you’re awake…the procedure went well…Are you ready to get back to bed?”

I just shook my head and cried, ” My whole bottom hurts.” ….

He slowly took me in his arms and tried to sit me up. “I know honey as soon as I get you in bed you will feel better and if not I can give you something.”

I tried to sit up but it was hard. When I did the sheet that covered me fell to my waist and I saw something fixed to both of my tit nipples. ” What are these?” I asked and he said it will be a gauge for tomorrow’s treatment. I reached for one and touched it and it hurt when I did. He grabbed my hand and tried to pull me so that I sat on the side of the table.

“OH GOD…” I whimpered and cried as the pain went through me. I grabbed for the IV pole and he got my urine bag and helped me to the step and then to the floor.

The sheet slid off of me and I saw a chain that went from both tits and then down the middle of my belly and to the top of my clit. I bent over in pain, and slowly made it to the bed. Joe had a couple of blue pads on the bed and he helped me over to where my bottom sat on them. I moaned and groaned and I moved about. I put my head back on the bed that was in a sitting position. ” You need to spread your legs for me dear … so I can make sure that your tubes aren’t kinked.” I slowly spread my legs and I saw the tube that came from my bladder and on the other thigh was a very small bag that had a little blood in it and it was attached to my upper thigh with rubber straps. He then reached under my bottom and I felt something move in my rectum and anus. He withdrew a big tube and placed it on the pad between my legs. ” UGH…What’s that?” He made sure all was well and then covered me to my waist.

” Honey I placed a inflatable nozzle nozzle up into your rectum for the treatment tomorrow….It has a balloon that is filled inside of you and one on the outside that I will fill tomorrow when filling you….It will make sure that you hold the treatment.”

I reached up with both hands to touch my breast. ” My tits hurt…” I said through teary eyes.

He looked at me and said, “I know honey and after you have taken your treatments they will come off.”

“What is it attached to on my bottom?” I asked and he pulled the covers down again and showed me. I gasped as I saw my little clit protrude way out and the clamp fit over it.

“I placed a metal stretcher on your clit it will make your little penis grow when I put on a special sucking device.”

I just turned my head and mumbled. I was feeling OK until now.

I will get you something for your pain and off he went. I hated to look at myself so I took the covers and pulled them to my upper lip. The TV was on and I watched it without seeing it. He came back and gave me some medicine in my IV tube and I soon dozed off. My eyes fluttered open and I saw him put another IV bag up took my vitals and then uncovered me and checked my bottom and the tubes. He covered me back up and I fell to sleep. I woke back up and looked around to get my bearings. I saw Joe asleep in the big chair next to me. I tried to move and turn but found my wrists had been secured with soft restraints to the siderails. ” Joe …Joe… I need something to drink” He came up beside me and touched my forehead and caressed me. ” How you doing baby?” I just tried to shift and said ” I’m real sore and my tits hurt” I know dear ..I will get you some juice to drink” He left the room and came back with a small cup with a straw in it. I sucked on the straw and drank all the juice.

He sat in the chair again and I looked at the TV and some news channel was on. “Why did you tie me up?” and he came back over and said ” baby your hands were wondering while you were sleeping and I couldn’t have you pulling at your tubes.”

I shifted around and asked, “Can I roll to my side…and have something for pain?”

He started to loosen my right arm and said, “I don’t want you to have a lot of pain med right now honey just try and relax.” He then uncovered me and helped me to roll on my left side, he placed my right leg over my left a little and adjusted my tubes. He then covered me back up and secured my right wrist again. I was moaning a little and he sat back into the chair that I was now facing. I tried to relax but was soon squirming and kicking my legs to get comfortable. He got up from the chair and went to the other room. He came back and put some medicine in my IV tube. I soon felt better and dozed back to sleep.

I woke up to him uncovering me he went to the small bag on my leg and drained the blood into a small container. He then bent down and I heard water flowing and he held up a clear beaker and showed it to me. The beaker had my urine in it and at the bottom was about a quarter full of white floaty stuff. “What is that ?”

“You have puss in your urine and you will need flushes but I will need to scope you first to take a look,” he said. He took the containers away and then came back and untied my restraints. “I need to get your first treatment over so I can get the chores done.” he explained. He rolled me over and then came around and sat me on the side of the bed. “OK baby over to the enema chair.”

I looked up with tears in my eyes and said, “OH NO PLEASE NO MORE ENEMAS…” he took my hands and said, “I just need to fill you once for right now hon.”

He pulled on my arms and stood me up. I was quite woozy and he held me. Then we started for the chair and I was sat down slowly into it. I saw that he had taped my urine bag to the bottom of the IV pole.

My legs fit into the stirrups and he began to strap me in. I could feel something hanging from my anus, swinging a little back and forth. After making sure I was secure and that all the tubes were free the chair started to move until I was facing the floor. I was crying. He left and then returned I wished I could see what he was doing. “This is a very heavy liquid and it will go in slowly…since you have been cleaned out I will start you with 3 qt……”

I just cried some more and closed my eyes as I heard a hiss of air and then felt the balloon at my bottom start to inflate. It got bigger and started to apply pressure to the balloon that was inside me. ” OH…….UO..” I cried and he stopped. I felt him fiddling with the tube and he said, “OK sweetly here we go…” and I heard the CLICK …

Warm fluid slowly started to go into me and I whimpered. Then the chair moved forward a bit so I was almost on my head and I could see the tube that hung from my ass. It was big and I saw the chalky white fluid enter into it. ” I will have to rock the chair so that it fills your colon. Then I was moved again so I was looking at the floor again. It took almost 45 minutes for the fluid to fill me and I was rocked back and forth every five minutes. I could feel the fluid move in my bowels and I also could fee the things on my tits start to pull.

He sat me up and started to release my restraints. “Aren’t you going to let the fluid out?” I cried and he just looked at me and said “Honey for you to be stretched you need to hold it.”

“BUT IT HURTS….” I cried out. He undid me and led me to the bed. I saw that my tummy bulged a bit and the chain was pulled tight over my belly and my tits were pulled down some. ” I look like I’m 5 months pregnant” I wailed. He just continued to lead me to bed. I slowly got to bed and he placed me on my back and spread my legs and adjusted my tubes. I groaned when he pulled at the tube in my rectum. ” How long do I have to hold it?” He cover me up and said this first one just 3 hours, he explained. He secured my hands and then went to the other room and came back and gave me some pain med. He bent over me and kissed my head.

“I need to get the chores done…I will be back soon….want something to drink before I leave?”

I just nodded my head.

I watched TV on and off and soon I became very uncomfortable and I could feel the med wearing off. I started to squirm and get comfortable. Then I heard my husband coming down the stairs. ” Can I get something for pain..” I cried even before I could see him. He sat in the chair and said ” baby you have a half hour left before your treatment ..its not even time for some pain med” He grabbed my hand and we sat there watching TV. I moaned, groaned and shifted and soon he came around and released me. I couldn’t wait to get this stuff out of me. ” What time is it? I asked. he looked at his watch and said 8 am. He slowly got me up and led me to the chair, after being strapped in he released the clamp and the white fluid flowed from me. I could tell it was thick by the way it sounded. I sighed with relief as my tummy started to go back to normal. It took quite a while for the fluid to go to a drip.

He came around to my front and said ” Honey I will need to tighten the clamps a bit so that they will hold through the next filling. I just looked at him wide eyed and followed his hand as he took my right breast and cupped it in his hand and then with the other hand twisted a small screw. I cried out….He did the same with the other one and tears rolled down my eyes.

“W..Why…aare….you…dd doing…this?” I sobbed. He then reached down to my clit and took it between his fingers and tightened the screw there. “OUCHEEE…” I cried. He then left me there and went to the other room. He came back and the chair again moved me forward and I stared at the floor as I heard a hiss and felt more pressure in my rectum and then the balloon outside my anus filled up with one more pump. Tears dripped from my face to the floor. The “click” and I was soon being filled again and the chair rocked.

It took longer this time for the fluid to go into me and I felt the pull of the chain between my tits and clit. I was sat back up and I looked down to see my belly bulged even more. ” OH GOD I HURT” I cried as he got me up and out of the chair and led me to bed. I tried to bend over so that it would relieve the pressure on my sore boobs but it didn’t help. I was sat in bed and the fluid made its way to my sore bottom and sat there. “Ppplease…ppput….mm ….head..ddoown.”

I felt my head lower and I said, “OK…” I now looked like I was about 6 months now and the fluid was thick and didn’t slosh much but waved in my bulging tummy. He adjusted my tubes and covered me back up.

“Cc an I ggget mmmed…” He came to my forehead and kissed it lightly and wiped away my tears.

“Yes baby ..I will get you something to make you more comfortable.” He went around and tied my wrist and then gave me some medicine and I tried to relax.

My eyes fluttered open and I saw Joe sleeping in the chair next to me he was holding my hand. ” Joe…..Joe …..I hurt” I squeezed his hand and he looked at his watch. “oh honey we need to get you empty” He got up and stretched. ” Can I have something for the pain?” He came over and released me and said after the treatment. I was soon in the chair again being filled and crying. ” How mmmuch” I asked him and he said as I was now facing the floor. Your up to 5 1/2 quarts honey” I groaned and cried even more. I was then led back to bed and my belly was very stretched and swelled. I looked like I could have a baby any day. I was given more med and it really didn’t help I squirmed and started to thrash my legs. Joe placed me on my left side and rubbed my back. I couldn’t look at my body it looked hideous. I was soon relaxed enough to doze off.

When I woke up Joe wasn’t there and I tried to move but he had restrained my wrist to the siderail and I was on my left side. “JOE………JOE …..JOE ……OH GOD I HURT …..JOE?” I squirmed around and kicked my legs as the pain welled up inside of me. I could feel all the tubes that were in me and my tits hurt awful. I had kicked around so much that the covers were off of me and I could see my bloated body. I then heard him coming down the stairs and I cried, ” JOE PLEASE…”

He came over and said, “Ah honey….let me see if your tubes are OK.”

I squirmed as he tried to part my legs and I said, ” Fu@# my tubes. I hurt.”

He slowly sat on the bed behind me and rubbed my back. “I know honey we just have one more treatment and then we will be done.”

I started to relax with his rubbing. “You need to hold for about another hour …do you think you can do that for me?” I just nodded. “OK now lets get you on your back and let me check those tubes.”

I did as he said and I asked, “Please put my head down some more?”

He did it and It was hard to see the TV with my swelled body in the way.

He went around and changed my IV bag and hung my antibiotic he then drained my bags and started to get me up for my final treatment. I didn’t know it was just the last one for the night. When he got me to sit up on the side of the bed I told him that I felt sick. he gave me an emisis basin and I heaved up a small amount of fluid is all, but it sent pain through me as my body reached. Soon I was back in the chair and was filling again. I cried out as the thick fluid invaded me again and I screamed in pain telling him that I couldn’t take anymore. The chair just continued to rock me and the fluid invaded me, I looked down and could see that my belly was huge and protruding and that my tits were being pulled and stretched way down. He must of gave me something for pain because when I was sat back up I felt a little drugged. I looked down to see that both my breast were pulled down around my swelled tummy and that my tits hit it on both sides. When I stood up things went black……

I woke up in bed laying flat with a pillow under my head. I could no longer see the TV and I could feel that my legs had been restrained. I turned my head to see Joe again sleeping in the chair. ” Joe Joe I hurt.”

He got up groggily and went around me and started to take my vitals. He uncover me and I saw my belly with the chain running up and over it. I started to cry as he checked my bottom. He then left the room and came back and gave me something for the pain. “I put some anti nausea med in there also because you will more than likely feel real sick with the treatment.”

I soon felt the drug work and I asked, “How long do I have to hold this?”

He went over to the chair and sat down and took my hand ” Through the night sweetheart” He squeezed my hand and I cried ” What time is it” he looked at his watch and said 12:30. I groaned and tried to listen to the TV. “Can you put my head up a little?”

He reached over and the bed started to rise and I felt the fluid move in me. ” OK..OK that’s enough.” I panted .

I could just see the TV and I watched it, and dozed in and out. It seemed that I would let out a small moan with every breath. I wasn’t conscious of it all the time. The pain started to come back and I woke up. Joe was going around taking my vitals and emptying my bags. ” OK honey time to get that stuff out of you.” I groaned as he led me and secured me in the chair. I then heard the fluid drain from me. Joe left the room and returned. After my belly was empty I was then moved so that I looked at the floor again. ” Wa What are you doing ….you said that was it.”

“I need to just give you a High cleansing enema to get that thick stuff out.” I then felt the balloons in me deflate and the nozzle pulled from my rectum.

“UGHHHH,” I sighed. It felt good not to have anything in me.

“OK sweetly I am going to place a colon tube in you and you will feel it way up inside and then we will wash that stuff out.”

I started to cry I felt lube on my bottom and then a big tube pushed into me. “OUEE..” I cried and he pushed farther. I could feel the tube make its way up my insides. I could feel some very warm water flow into me and the tube pushed farther. ” OH …OH ..GOD…OH…OH…” I cried out.

“OK honey I need to start the cleaning.” I felt the hot water flow in more quickly and he pulled the tube then pushed it back in pushed and pulled, pushed and pulled pulling more out at the time like he was scrubbing me in and out.

” OEEE..UOOO…” I continued to cry as I looked at the floor. This went on for a good hour and I was getting tired and was sore.

“OK honey I’m going to pull the tube out now,” and as he did water gushed from my sore bottom. The swelling went down in my tummy and I felt a little normal. I then felt something cool being pushed up into my rectum.

“What’s that ?” I asked as another one went into me.

“Just a suppository for the swelling down here.”

I was soon in bed with out anything sticking in my rectum and I felt much better. Joe left to do the morning chores and he gave me a little pain med before he went. I was sitting back up in the bed and watched TV. It was showing that the storm had dumped 4 feet of snow in our area and that another 4-6 feet was due. Oh how I wished I could see it. Joe came down a few hours later and sat in the chair beside me and dozed off himself. After a while I woke him up and said ” May I have some pain med and something to eat. he went to the other room and pushed a little med in my IV and gave me some juice. ” Nothing to eat until after the procedure” He said. My eyes grew wide. What procedure and he said that my bladder had to be viewed and that my rectum needed to be stretched. My bottom lip started to quiver as I felt the drug hit me.

That afternoon I was put on the OR table with my legs wide apart and draped. He pulled the tube from my bladder and I felt somewhat normal. He then scrubbed me hard and took out a long metal tube.

“Some deep breaths…” and I started to breath between my whimpers. The tube was then pushed up into my bladder and I saw him looking into an eye piece. I then felt cool water filling my bladder and he moved and twisted the tube looking around me. This went on for about a half hour and he pulled the tube from my bottom.

“I need to insert a triple lumen foley so that we can start your bladder washings,” he stated. He picked up something from the cart and I gasped. The tube was as big around as his pinkie and had three tubes at the end. ” That wont fit up into me” I cried. He lubed the tip and I saw it disappear between my legs. I felt the tip at my small opening ” Deep breaths” I couldn’t breath through my cries and he pushed it up into me. ” OH OH OH GOD …OH…OH GOD…” I cried as the tube burned and stretched me. I panted and cried.

“I know honey its a little big but it needs to be done.” I just looked at the ceiling.

He took a large syringe and filled the balloon in my bladder. I ten saw him tape the middle of the three tubes at the end to my inner thigh. He attached the bag to the middle one and then placed a IV bottle on my stand and ran a tube and connected it to the other tube. Now two of the tree tubes were filled. He reached up and I felt cool water flowing into my bladder. ” This may be a little irritating” He explained. I then heard some clanking of instruments and he said ” Now we need to get that anus of your stretched. I kept silent and my eyes closed. I felt the medicine start to fill my bladder more and it burned just a bit but not as much as the tube. I then felt him lube my rectum and push a finger up into it and move it around. I then felt something metal slid into me and I took a deep breath. My anus then was grasping around something rubber it felt like.

“This balloon will stretch you slowly…you ready honey?” I asked if I had much choice.

I soon felt something getting bigger in my anus and it didn’t hurt at first, but then I cried out ” OUUEE” The balloon stopped filling and stayed where it was. ” Honey you will need to do better than that …but I will wait for a minute” I panted through the pain and I could feel my pulse in my rectum. A few minutes later the balloon began to fill and I cried out again. this time the pressure wasn’t stopped and I yelled, “Oh please that hurts.”

The filling stopped again and my husband got up and went to the other room. Now my bladder started to burn and it seemed like it was full. Joe came back and gave me something in my IV and I could tell it was a little pain med but not much. He then went over and placed a blood pressure cuff around the bag that drained into my bladder and pumped it up. I felt my bladder get even fuller and I whimpered some more as the burning got worse.

“I was thinking that we could do this in one session but we won’t be able too…I’m going to fill this just a bit more and then you can hold this plug through the night and we can resume the stretching and treatments tomorrow.”

I groaned and then cried out as my anus stretched more. “Oh please don’t leave it there,” I cried as he started to release me.

“You need to be stretched honey and your not taking it well after a few hours you will be able to accommodate more.”

I got up from the table and he led me and my IV pole to the bed. My ass felt like it had a big apple in it and I couldn’t walk straight. The chain swung in front of me. Between my legs swung a big tube with a air pump on it. ” On your side baby…with your leg up to your tummy.”

I did what he said and he went around and checked my tubes.

My bottom hurt bad. “Can I put my leg down now?” and he said no you must stay on your side so that the balloon doesn’t dislodge. I groaned. He then strapped my right knee to the siderail so that it wouldn’t move.

I dozed on and off. I then felt increased pressure on my anus and I looked around as saw him at my bottom. I tried to squirm but I couldn’t. I heard another hiss and my rectum stretched and I thought it tore. I screamed. ” OK honey Ok..I’m done” and he covered my bottom. I was laying on my side panting. I felt drugged again and fell to sleep. Through the night he would fill the balloon another squeeze and my anus stretched. Sometime through the night he said, ” Good baby your 3/4’s of the way there.”

I couldn’t believe it. That night was terrible and I didn’t get much sleep even with the pain medicine. He would rub my back and talk to me and he even brought the TV around so I could see it. I would scream every time he squeezed that bulb.

In the morning he got me up and led me to the enema chair and I could hardly walk with that thing in me. I was strapped in and facing the floor. “OK honey a couple more pumps and I will let you relax.” He pumped and my anus got even wider..I cried and screamed. He then left saying that he had to do the chores.

“OHHHhH” I knew that the chores took him at least three hours and more than likely more if he was doing mine too. I hung there looking at the floor with the chains on my tits and clit hanging down. That was better than them being pulled tight I thought. My husband then came back and I heard the snap of gloves. He went behind me and I felt him tug on my anus and pulling slowly.

“UUUUGHHHH” as the big thing slid from my anus and was now to normal size. he sat me up in the chair and I thought this was over. He showed me the thing that was in my anus and it was as big around as a small half dollar. I groaned and he said looking at it ” This isn’t much baby…but we can work on that later…right now I need to stretch your colon more and with your anus bigger.”

The chair tilted forward and I felt him lube my anus. ” Oh NO please it’s enough.” I then felt something pushed up inside me and start to expand with the hiss of the bulb. Soon the inflatable nozzle was inflated and the fluid was connected to it.

“I will need to pump this stuff in because its soo thick baby.” I felt the stuff going into me as he pumped it.

“How much?” I asked.

“You need to take 6 qt.” The chair rocked forward and I saw him sitting on his stool pumping the stuff in slowly. I couldn’t see his head. then the chair tilted back and I looked at the floor again. This went on for more that an hour and my tummy bulged and the chain tightened. I then felt some relief and he stated, “I let the medicine go so that your bladder will now drain.”

I moaned and groaned as my stomach started to feel nauseated. “I’m going to get sick,” I said and he placed a basin under me.

“Just try to hit that and the chair moved up so that I was looking at the basin. I heaved and a small amount of clear fluid came up. “Just about a qt more baby.” I panted and heaved again. I heard him get up and walk away I could feel the tube hang from my anus. ” Oh God,” I thought. He came back and put med in my IV and the nausea started to ease and I felt the drug. I then was set back up and my belly bulged way out and felt very heavy.

I was led to bed and laid flat with my arms and legs restrained. I groaned with every breath I took and it was hard to breath. I was in agony for hours and went in and out of a deep haze. The next day the stuff was drained from my body and I had to have another colon tube up me to clean me out. It didn’t seem to hurt as much this time but was very uncomfortable. My bladder was filled and released through the day and next night. I was then taken to the OR table and placed on it. I don’t remember much after that. When I woke up I was back in bed and said. “What happened?”

My husband came over and took my hand. “It’s over dear your done…I will only have to give you some bladder washes and take the tube from your uterus and we are finished.” I looked down and saw that the chain was gone from my tits. I received my washings and then led to the OR table again. My husband pulled the packing from my vagina and the tube from my uterus.

I laid there and felt much better. He then deflated the balloon in my bladder and pulled the tube from me and I groaned. ” Just one more thing before I can put you back to bed. I looked down and saw him place something on my clit that stuck out. It had a small tube on it and then I felt something weird my clit was being sucked on. I groaned but not in pain but it sorta felt good. I was squirming a little and then I felt lube on my anus and my eyes popped open. ” What’s that?” I asked and Joe looked at me and said ” Its just me honey.”

He then pushed his penis in me slowly and then brought it out and pushed in again. I moaned as it stretched me. “I’m a little bigger that what I stretched you so just try and relax….There will be more of this to come. I soon felt him all the way in me and with my clit being sucked by the machine I came and came and moaned. I had never felt anything like it. My whole body shook as I squirmed on that table. After it was over I was exhausted and he placed me back in bed. I slept without any pain med and when I woke up the IV had been taken away.

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