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Snowy Week

22 Jul 2009

A Snowy Week

This story is very fiction and is just one’s mind running amuck. Please don’t take the actions in this story as true and don’t try this at home.
My husband of one in a half years and I were sitting at breakfast when he looked at me and asked, ” You OK Carla ?”

I replied that I was fine.

“You don’t look so hot.”

I just mumbled. We lived on 420 acres of land and I guess that maybe I was a little lonely and the weather had turned bad with an impending storm that would snow us in for sure. “Just the weather I guess.” I responded. He got up and went about doing his chores as I started mine. There was a lot to do on a spread this big.

My husband was a fairly young MD that retired and bought this place with plenty of money to spare. He had a lot of rental property and investments to keep us well off. I went about my day and I tired quickly. Joe my husband found me sleeping on the couch when he came in for lunch. He woke me up. “Oh I just needed some rest.” I said.

He brought his hand to my head and said “I think it maybe more than that baby.” He then picked me up from the couch and started to go into the kitchen. “Oh No honey I’m OK ….I don’t need to go down there.” He just carried me over to the basement door and down the stairs.


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I had been in this room once before and I hated it. It made me not want to ever show him that I was ill again, he made me feel a lot worse before he made me feel better. The room was a fully equipped medical room with a hospital bed, equipment, and a true OR table, there was also a custom made enema chair that looked more like a birthing chair. ” I’m just a little tired,” I stated but he continued to place me on a big over stuffed chair by the hospital bed. The basement was two big rooms one was always locked off and I never had entered it and didn’t want too. There was a TV at the bottom of the hospital bed and I just sighed remembering the first time I had been brought down here. I watched a lot of TV and laid in pain. Joe came back and placed a hospital gown in my lap and told me to get undressed. I slowly did this as he went over and put on his lab coat. He then released one of the side rails on the bed and told me to get in.

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A Pregnancy Check Up

05 Jul 2009

A Pregnancy Check Up
Eight month’s pregnant Brenda Peters waited with the other patients in Doctor Robert’s lounge. Her boyfriend, a married man had left her when he learned of her pregnancy.

The eighteen-year-old blond single mother to be was the next to be seen.  Brenda had been seeing him once every few weeks ever since her third month. Doctor Joseph Robert’s, who was a handsome man in his mid thirties and had a gentle touch. She recalled her previous visits as her panties dampened. She crossed her legs tightly to curb the feelings stirring within her.

“When will he be finished?” she thought to herself.

After what seemed like an eternity, the thirty three year old doctor finally walked out of his exam room with an attractive young Hispanic woman who was also in her eighth month.  The woman appeared breathless and wide-eyed.  Doctor Robert’s motioned for Brenda and escorted her into his exam room. He promptly closed and locked the door behind them.

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“You know the woman that just left?” Doctor Roberts asked.

Brenda nodded her head wondering if the doctor was referring to how flushed the woman’s face was.

“This is her third child with me. She likes it when I relax her before the exam.” He told Brenda as she began undressing for the exam.

Brenda slipped off her blouse and folded it on the chair next to the exam table. Smiling at the doctor, she unclasped her maternity bra, allowing her milk filled breasts with their darker then normal nipples to fall free.  She unzipped her skirt and placed it on top of her blouse. Then her thumbs tugged at the waistband of her panties and slipped them down and off her legs.

“So, how do you relax them” Brenda coyly asked.

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Pain in the ass exam

02 Jul 2009

A Pain in the Rear End

It hit me again, and this time worse than ever! But I was just coming up to the hospital, so I pulled in at the “Emergency” sign, parked and ran in through the open door.

To the receptionist I said: “Quick! A stabbing pain inside my rear end.”

“In there and ask for the doctor on call,” she said.

I made for the door she pointed to and told a nurse what was wrong. She took me into a cubicle and started me undressing, then went off to get the doctor.

I’d got out of my clothes by the time she came back with him: about thirty five, dark and strong professional eyes.

“What’s the problem?” he asked.

“Doctor, I’ve terrible stabbing pains inside my rear end!”

“Had this before?”


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“Yes, but never as bad . . . ”

“Get up on the exam table here… kneel and put your chest down on the table, bottom in the air! Right! Now I’m putting on a latex glove with KY, and we’ll just feel inside . . . relaaaax, now . . . There! That’s good. Veeery goood!….” and his finger slid all around inside me, probing . . .

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