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Ebony gyn doctor

14 Jun 2009

A Thing for Female Doctors

The following isn’t the most exciting, but it is completely true.

I have always had a thing for female doctors, maybe stemming from my college girlfriend who got accepted to medical school and became a doctor.

I am 41-years-old, hadn’t seen a doctor in a decade, and decided it was time to see one for a physical. I suspected I had prostate problems. The thought of that exam by another male made me uncomfortable, but by a female seemed a mixture of embarrassment and eroticism. I looked up local family practice doctors on the Internet, and found a female who was nearby. I knew nothing about her other than she was around thirty, which was fine with me. When I phoned for the appointment I was nervous. The receptionist made a point of telling me twice that the doctor was female. I tried to sound nonchalant.



I made the appointment for three days later.

My heart raced for three days at the thought of being examined by a woman. When I been to the doctor other times I was always told to strip down to my underwear and wait for the doctor, and only dropped my shorts when the time came. I assumed this would be the same. I debated about boxers or briefs, and chose to go buy a new pair of white cotton boxers.

When I arrived for the appointment and was ushered into the examining room by the nurse, she pointed to a gown and sheet on the exam table and said to put that on. I was not expecting that and didn’t know what to do. I pointed to my waist and asked, “shorts?” She looked at me and said, “I’ll ask the doctor.” A moment later she came back and said, “you can keep your shorts on.” I stripped to my shorts and put on the gown.

A few minutes later there was the knock on the door, and in walked a thirty-year-old fairly attractive blond. I explained why I was there to see her, and also mentioned about the prostate. I was a bit nervous about being examined and getting an erection, but it was a titillating kind of nervousness.

When she had finished the basics she explained she would check my testicles and then do the prostate exam, and explained that. She asked me to stand up, and as she raised the gown to navel level she said, “oh yes, you have shorts on. Can you take those down?” I lowered the shorts and reveled in the thought of her looking at me. She quickly checked my testicles. Then she asked me to turn around and lean over the table. As she did the exam she asked, “does this hurt?” I said, “no, it doesn’t hurt, it feels kind of….” I didn’t know what to say. How can you tell the female doctor that her touching your prostate is arousing? That ended the examination. The only thing she questioned was some moles and freckles on my back and asked if I’d seen a dermatologist.

That got me thinking. As I read up about full skin exams on the Internet I was aroused, especially at the thought of a female doctor taking such a close look at me. I looked for one in the area, but there wasn’t one. Here’s where it got interesting. I travel a lot internationally, and decided to look for a female dermatologist in an English-speaking Asian country I was traveling to. I found one and made and appointment. Again, I knew nothing about her, but was hoping she wouldn’t be the age of my mom or grandmother.

I once again chose the white cotton boxers. When I arrived and was called into her office, I found she was also about thirty and quite pretty. She was sitting at her desk with a nurse sitting next to her. The exam table and a screen were in the corner of the room.

After a few questions she said, “well, let’s take a look.” I got the impression I would not be changing into a gown. This is a different thing in Asia. You undress in front of the doctor, which is a turn on in itself. She pulled the curtain so the nurse couldn’t see, then asked me to take off my shirt. She then told me to put my shirt back on and lower my pants. I was glad I had worn the boxers because I knew there was no way for her to see the tops of my legs with them on, the way she could have if I had worn briefs.

She immediately said, “well, we might as well check everything. If you don’t mind can you lower your shorts?” I gladly pulled them down as she looked at me from the rear. Then she said, “now can you just turn around.” I did. She said, “can you raise your shirt” which was partially covering my genitals. I did, and stood there with this pretty young Asian doctor looking at me. It only lasted a minute, and she didn’t touch anything, but I enjoyed it.

So those are my two recent trips to female doctors. Part of me would have died of embarrassment if I had gotten an erection, but part of me would have enjoyed it. I think my greatest concern was that I didn’t look “too small.” When I’m cold or nervous I tend to be shorter, and when I’m warm or getting excited I’m much longer, though not erect. I don’t think the doctor is really impressed either way, but in my mind I always want her to look at me in my undressed male glory and think, “wow, isn’t he big.”

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