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Flirty Girl Gyno Exam

29 Jun 2009

She then told me that she had always been attracted to larger guys and that when I had started going to the gym and t A nurse and gallery 12 samples gallery rying to lose weight she found herself getting less physically attracted to me. That is when she spent all her energy developing this solution that would increase your breast size by filling them with milk.
Ready for a midnight snack?’ she asked. I couldn’t resist at this point. I was already hookedmedical porn gallery 12

Ebony Gyno Exam

27 Jun 2009

Tempting Ebony Medical Sex

Ebony Medical Sex samples gallery
Ebony nurse enjoys her work as she can lick patients asses
Beautiful female showing her pretty nipples

Another chick with her nasty tricks.

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Hardcore gyno exam

27 Jun 2009

A Sensual Examination

Your last visit to your doctor took place more than a year ago. Now it was time for another routine checkup by the gynecologist. Much had happened in the last year you had lost weight gained confidence in yourself, and looked quite different. Your hair was longer, and you had tinted it to a shade of red that made heads turn when you walked down the street. Your makeup was more professional, too, and your eyes were particularly outstanding – the soft black liner you used made their very light blue color even more noticeable. Your style of dressing had become more sensuous; you now favored clinging fabrics and close fitting slacks.

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You wondered if the doctor would notice the change in you. He was very handsome, you’d always thought – but very professional. As you sat in the waiting room, you smiled to yourself, remembering the schoolgirl crush you had always had on him. You figured it happened to almost every woman – falling in love with her gynecologist – but your feeling hadn’t dissipated. Here it was, a full year since you’d last visited him, and you felt your heart beating faster just wondering if he still looked the same. Talk about graying at the temples and all that! He had a year-round tan which he maintained by skiing in the winter and sailing in the summer. He was clean shaven and always looked spotless, with Paul Newman blue eyes that added to his virile image. The short-sleeved shirts he wore showed off his strong arms to their best advantage. The nurse interrupted your daydreams by calling out your name. She led you into one of the examining rooms where you were to remove all your clothing. You started to disrobe but hadn’t quite finished when the door opened and Doctor Gordon walked in There you were, in your bra, with one foot in and one foot out of your bikini panties when you froze.

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Gyno exam galleries

16 Jun 2009

a big surprise for Elisabeth

Elizabeth was in the doctor’s waiting room idly thumbing through last week’s issue of TIME magazine when she heard her name being called by the nurse. She was there for a routine colonoscopy as part of her annual physical exam. She didn’t exactly care for this type of exam (who does?) but knew that it was a necessary evil that needed to be done for her own good because her family medical history showed a tendency of colon polyps in her family. Her old regular doctor had retired recently so this was her first visit to this particular doctor. She didn’t know what to expect with this new guy.

Doctor Tushy Galleries

anal thermomether exam

The nurse took Elizabeth through the usual prelim activity of weighing her, taking her temperature and blood pressure, etc. After that, the nurse escorted her to a vacant exam room. It looked like every other exam room she had ever seen. It had an exam table, a sink, a couple of chairs and some cabinets filled with medical paraphernalia. The nurse handed Elizabeth a flimsy paper gown and instructed her to disrobe from the waist down and wait for the doctor. Then the nurse left the room.

Elizabeth looked at herself in the mirror as most women do and liked what she saw. She was 42 but the years had been kind to her. She had gotten married shortly after high school and she and her husband, Nick, had 2 sons, Bill 23 and Hank 19. Because she watched her weight and exercised regularly, she was in fairly good shape for a woman her age. At 5′ 4″, she weighed about 130 lbs with a very slightly plump but shapely figure. Like most women, she thought that her hips and ass were too big and her tits were too small. But, she noticed that she still got approving stares and an occasional wolf whistle from men whenever she wore her short skirts and shorts in the summertime.

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Perverted Doctor and his site

14 Jun 2009

Hi! Recently I visited a gyno clinic with my wife. She had an appointment with Doctor Jameson.

He is a really good specialist and always performs very thorough physicals. That day he also was very careful while examining my dear Sheryl. He even checked on her breasts (I’m sure he loves it 🙂 ). And of course he did a speculum checkout and also checked her temperature by inserting a rectal thermometer in her perfect pink bud.

tushy gyno

doctor tushy pic

Everything went fine before my wife noticed a small camera standing on the table in front of her and definitely recording the whole exam :0 ! She was going to put on a big scandal, but I came in and, having learned the perverted truth about Doc, I managed to make him give us the copy of that gorgeous video of my wife’s exam.

He confessed that it’s been a long time since he’d set up that camera and that he’d recorded several hundreds of gyno exams, performed in this cabinet either by himself or by his collegues.

Moreover, Doctor Jameson had uploaded all those bizarre and explicit videos online and named this huge archive PRIVATE GYNECOLOGY EXAMS

I have visited this site and so damn many poor girls that don’t even know they became pornstars 🙂

Here are some of his most recent patients: gyno xxx gyno exam medical fetish

Ebony gyn doctor

14 Jun 2009

A Thing for Female Doctors

The following isn’t the most exciting, but it is completely true.

I have always had a thing for female doctors, maybe stemming from my college girlfriend who got accepted to medical school and became a doctor.

I am 41-years-old, hadn’t seen a doctor in a decade, and decided it was time to see one for a physical. I suspected I had prostate problems. The thought of that exam by another male made me uncomfortable, but by a female seemed a mixture of embarrassment and eroticism. I looked up local family practice doctors on the Internet, and found a female who was nearby. I knew nothing about her other than she was around thirty, which was fine with me. When I phoned for the appointment I was nervous. The receptionist made a point of telling me twice that the doctor was female. I tried to sound nonchalant.



I made the appointment for three days later.

My heart raced for three days at the thought of being examined by a woman. When I been to the doctor other times I was always told to strip down to my underwear and wait for the doctor, and only dropped my shorts when the time came. I assumed this would be the same. I debated about boxers or briefs, and chose to go buy a new pair of white cotton boxers.

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medical fetish blog site restored

09 Jun 2009

As you may notices my medical fetish site went down 4 of jun coz of my hosting

I ve managed to recoved it mannually (it was a hard work believe me) but there is no actual blog yet only pages I had to spent 2 days restoring it as there is many free sites and nice avs site strip searchesdoctor-tushy-13-083.jpeg.jpg

join there for nice airport and /or gyno security strip searches

if you want a preview pictures go gyno exam strip search free site the you will get 2 galleries of FULL body strip searches with some surprises inside.

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many of my friends said me I should not leave this avs site without updates.

and I hope I wont…but still there is a problem how to return medical fetish blog up and running..

do me a favor please comment if you find any errors or if you have an experience how to insert/combine blog with static pages

it will be appreciated


Dr gyno