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Gyno speculum erotic story

25 May 2009

The Speculum Incident

Author: rick_oh
Copyright: rick_oh

“Hey, what’s this?” I asked.

“It’s a speculum,” Angelina replied. “I got it at the clinic. They
showed me how to use it and everything, and – hey, I can see your
imagination working! What are you cooking up?”

“Let’s use that when we ‘play’ tonight!”

“Tonight, hell. Let’s do it now,” Angelina retorted. “I’ll wash the
speculugyno xxxm and you get the lubricant.”

I felt my heartbeat increase as I fetched the lubricant for this new
adventure. She thoroughly cleaned the instrument and came into the
bedroom where I was waiting. “I want you to get me wet and creamy before
we use this,” she stated.

A while later, after some massaging, kissing and caressing, her
breathing quickened, and I knew that she was ready for whatever I
dreamed up. I slowly undressed her, and slipped her panties off. She was
very creamy and I quickly shed my clothes and gave her sweet pussy some
long, passionate kisses while she moaned and squirmed.

I generously smeared lubricant on the clear plastic speculum and asked
medical fetishAngelina to insert it. She spread her legs wide and gently inserted the
speculum in her creamy vagina. Then she slowly adjusted it as I gazed in
wonder at the scene before me. Her pussy was spread wide open. I put one
finger in the opening and felt the fleshy interior of her vagina close
to the opening. I asked her if she could spread it open any further. She
said she needed some time to get adjusted to the feel of it before she
could do that. After a few more minutes of foreplay she reached down and
spread the speculum so that it opened her up even more.

“I want to come inside you, baby doll,” I whispered, “while you have the

speculum in you.”

gyno“Be careful baby,” Angelina answered with wide eyed excitement.

I put a generous supply of lubricant on my throbbing erection and
positioned myself to enter her. It was a strange sensation as I
carefully and slowly worked my cock in through the partly plastic,
partly fleshy, tunnel of sexuality. All the way in, I probed Angelina
with very short strokes.

“Oh! that feels so good!” Angelina exclaimed as she shuddered. That was
all it took and I spurted uncontrollably into her open vagina.

“Angelina, that was absolutely delicious!” I told her after we had been
in each others’ arms a while.

“Mmmmmmmm,” she dreamily acknowledged. “You are soooooo naughty! We’ve
got to do that again.”

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